Nendoroid Cyan (4)

Nendoroid Cyan

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Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back again! I’m here to bring you a sweet Nendoroid, it’s Nendoroid Cyan from the series Show By Rock! Nendoroid Cyan’s inner box is designed so well! Her inner box is a Plasmagica Stage background! The background makes it very easy to decide how to display her! It’s so vibrant and the colors match her so well! Cyan also comes with her trademark guitar Strawberry Heart! She comes with a mini version of herself too! It’s two figures in one! She also has background to recreate the scene when she first hears Livestock. Nendoroid Cyan is now out and available at various partner shops. -Mamitan <3 Twitter: gsc_mamitan ©2012, 2016 SANRIO CO., LTD.Ⓛ SHOWBYROCK!! 製作委員会©2012, 2016 SANRIO CO., [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume (3)

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume

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Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back for another Nendoroid to showcase! It’s the setter from Nekoma High School’s Volleyball Team, Kenma Kozume! He’s ready to play and to work with his team! I always appreciated his character, he wasn’t cocky but instead knew the strength of his team were! His various option parts are great too! They really showcase so much of Kenma! I didn’t realize I made him floating a bit! But then it’s good for his character since he can jump to set the ball! So we’ll just say he’s coming down from a jump! He even comes with a sweet black cat! I only recently learned that many black kittys are left in shelters unwanted by many as [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Clear (1)

Nendoroid Clear

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Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (@gsc_mamitan) back to bring you a new Nendoroid release! It’s Nendoroid Clear from the popular game and anime Dramatical Murder by Nitro+chiral! Nendoroid Clear of course isn’t complete with his characteristic gas mask. He’s got the umbrella open simply because he likes it. I do love those clear umbrellas they sell in Japan! They are so handy and for such a low price are actually quite well made! Clear’s mask is well sculpted and recreated into Nendoroid size. It fits his face by the use of an extra hair part that attaches to his mask. We’ve used a slightly translucent material for the eyes, so you can almost see his eyes shine through the mask. But [...] Read More »

Hacka Doll 11

Nendoroid Hacka Doll No.1

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I love anime that are shorts! The short run time of each episodes helps me when my mind starts to wander with longer shows! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan  Hacka Doll #1 gets to join the Nendoroid series and her release is totally worth it! Her detail is incredible! Our team went above and beyond to faithfully recreate her into Nendoroid form! She comes with some great accessories such as her tablet that shows recommended items! Of course here it’s Wooser! Which btw, if you still have not seen wooser, go fix that now! Her smile is infectious and really brighten up a room! I love Nendoroids that come with big, bold bright smiles! She also comes with Ayame’s secret sketch [...] Read More »

Nishinoya (3)

Nendoroid Yu Nishinoya

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I was never into sports when I was in high school, I hated P.E. classes so much I instead took dance classes in my school! It was the best! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan  Karasuno High School’s volleyball club’s Yu Nishinoya has joined the Nendoroid line! Everything about him has been made into this adorable Nendoroid size and style and it fits so perfectly into the Nendoroid line! I can’t wait to display him with Kageyama and Hinata! I started watching Haikyu after we announced our first Nendoroid and I’ve been obsessed with the series since! However I don’t have a favorite character yet! I love everyone just so much! Kageyama and Hinata always knows that someone has their back when [...] Read More »

Link 8

Nendoroid Link: Majora’s Mask 3D Ver.

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Nendoroid Link: Majora’s Mask 3D Ver. is out now! Find him at your favorite partner shop! Make sure to follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan Nendoroid Link has just recently been released to the public and he’s looking pretty darn adorable! Of course to his name sake, Link comes with the Deku Mask, the Goron Mask and the Zora Mask! It’s very cute how he can hold them each! Sometimes you need an energy boost so he also comes with his own red potion! Foc course for those who have played before you are well aware of this item! Its good he comes with one as Nendoroids need their energy too! Not only is the bottle itself replicated perfect to Nendoroid size, but [...] Read More »

Easter (1)

Nendoroid Eater Contest 2016 WINNERS!

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Thank you to everyone who submitted to our Easter Photo Contest! It was beyond difficult to choose the top winner! Follow me on Twitter for more info on future giveaways and contests! @gsc_mamitan In case you missed it, we held a fun Nendoroid Easter Photo Contest! We had promised 1 lucky winner to win a Nendoroid More Face Parts Case, however the entires were so amazing that we have decided to pick 2 winners!! So without further ado, here are the top winners! Our first winner is… galexvphotography from Instagram with their adorable entry of a clumsy Kotori who just spilled her Easter Eggs! But I did mention another top prize spot! That goes to… Dangerous Pixels on Facebook with brothers Mario [...] Read More »


Sakura Con 2016 Sales NENDOROIDS!

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I’ll be sharing the items we’ll have for sale at the upcoming Sakura Con this month! For more info on the event feel free to tweet me @gsc_mamitan! Below are the Nendoroids we will be bringing with us to Sakura Con! First up Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Owl Version and Nendoroid Harvest Moon Miku are coming to Sakura Con! We do love Miku and we know you do too so we’re bringing more with Nendoroid Senbozakura Miku and Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata Ver. Natsutsubaki! Bringing more Madoka love with Original Nendoroid Madoka Kanama and Nendoroid Madoka Kaname Maiko Version! We also LOVE Haikyuu so we’re bringing with us the much loved and highly sought after Nendoroid Shoyo Hinata: Karasuno High [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Joker

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Sometimes we get early samples of upcoming products, being in the US it’s hard to get our hands on them, but when I do I have to share it as soon as I can! Here is Nendoroid Joker! ps Follow me on twitter we’ve got some awesome giveaways coming up! @gsc_mamitan “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment! Well, you look nervous. Is it the scars? You want to know how I got ‘em?” Joker Nyan Nyan! “All right. So, listen. Why don’t you give me a call when you want to start taking things a little more seriously? Here’s my card.” “Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t [...] Read More »

Kogi (2)

Nendoroid Kogitsunemaru

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I went to a fan event recently called Saniwa Summit, it was a fan run Touken Ranbu event and it was amazing! Not only was it filled with cosplayers but also artists who all did amazing Touken Ranbu art! While there I bid on this adorable Nendoroid room and I WON! So of course I wanted to show it off! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan! Of course once I got home I had to try it with Nendoroid Kogitsunemaru! Nendoroid Kogi looks so perfect in this kind of sweet setting, a typical Japanese style room works so well for these cute sword boys. All these Touken Ranbu boys are everything I’ve ever wanted as figure collector! Seeing so many boy [...] Read More »