Muramasa Sansei by Wing

| Scaled Figure, Wing

One of the companies we work with and distribute for makes some amazing figures, sometimes they are a little sexy too! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan  I feel in love with this figure the moment I saw her! Muramasa Sansei from the Nitro+ game FullMetalDaemon MURAMASA. While I haven’ played the game yet I need to know after seeing these fantastic character designs! Every curve on Muramasa is just perfection! Even this photo was one of my favorites to take! The slight folds on her skirt give such sexy definition to her behind! NICE! The following photos AT NOT SAFE FOR WORK! I’ve still censored them for those who might not want to see the goods. But if you click on the [...] Read More »


Saber: Pajama ver.

| Scaled Figure, Wing

This figure came out earlier this year but you can find her at various partner shops online! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan Saber is one of the characters that translates so well into figure form! There are so many variations it’s sometimes impossible to avoid getting at least one Saber figure into your own collection! Here we have from Fate/Zero Saber in her pajamas! She looks so sweet and innocent, it’s a bit different from the character we see in the animation but it’s nice to see their other sides that they don’t always show us. She looks as if she were able to get ready to sleep when she was summoned out of bed! hovering over her magic circle [...] Read More »


Super Sonico: Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine

| Scaled Figure, Wing

It’s already September, time sure does fly by! It feels like Anime Central and Anime Expo were just a few weeks ago! Our next event is New York Comic Con! Will you be coming to visit us? Today I get to give you an up close look at one of my loves, Super Sonico! I have loved Sonico since the first moment I saw her! My whole house is filled with Sonico tapestries, figures, even cups and cosplay! Her sexy design and sweet personality are what appeal to me the most! Wing has done an excellent job on this figure and the sculpt is so fantastic! Of course all of Sonico’s curves are perfectly replicated in this 1/6th scale figure. [...] Read More »