Saber: Pajama ver.

| Scaled Figure, Wing

This figure came out earlier this year but you can find her at various partner shops online! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan Saber is one of the characters that translates so well into figure form! There are so many variations it’s sometimes impossible to avoid getting at least one Saber figure into your own collection! Here we have from Fate/Zero Saber in her pajamas! She looks so sweet and innocent, it’s a bit different from the character we see in the animation but it’s nice to see their other sides that they don’t always show us. She looks as if she were able to get ready to sleep when she was summoned out of bed! hovering over her magic circle [...] Read More »


Throwback Thursday Max Factory Bridget

| Max Factory, Scaled Figure

It’s Throwback Thursday! Showing off older figures is fun! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan   Today I’m showing off a way older figure from my own personal collection! It’s Max Factory’s Bridget from Guilty Gear! He (yes totally not a type) came out in April of 2008! that’s more than 6 years ago!   For those not familiar with the character, Bridget is everyone’s favorite trap! He’s an adorable cross dressing boy from the popular game Guilty Gear!   When I got this figure years ago one of the things I loved the most was how they included a panty shot angle, but still gave him black shorts, just for the little hint of modesty! Look at him trying to [...] Read More »


Good Smile Company is making the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

| Good Smile Company, Scaled Figure

  GOOD SMILE COMPANY CREATES COLLECTIBLE SCULPTURES OF NICKELODEON’S TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues based on the artwork of renowned fine artist James Jean Here is more info from our official press release!  Based on acclaimed fine artist James Jean’s original rendition of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Good Smile Company has made four individual sculptures that can be combined to create one large diorama sculpture.  The individual statues will roll out separately, starting with the pre-order release of Leonardo in November 2014 and the remaining three in 2015. Prototype samples of the highly detailed statues, along with Jean’s original image, will make their first appearance at the Good Smile Company booth (#422) at New York [...] Read More »


Belldandy with Holy Bell

| Max Factory, Scaled Figure

This week is NYCC! I’m really excited to see everyone! Make sure to come by the booth and say hi! We’re at booth #422! Check out this post to see what we’re bringing and follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan! Today I wanted to take a look at this amazing Max Factory figure that has been years in the making! Belldandy with Holy Bell is one of those figures that we had wanted to make for YEARS! But when she was originally sculpted years ago the technology to produce her into a PVC with the detail she deserved just wasn’t there yet. But with the advances in technology in figure making over the years we finally decided it was the time, [...] Read More »


Kaname Madoka ~The Beginning Story / The Everlasting~

| Good Smile Company, Scaled Figure

There are some figures that need no introduction, this is one of them. Madoka is one of those characters that many can’t help but love. We’re all Homura’s deep down inside with a love of Madoka. Of course it’s easy when Madoka is standing before you looking so amazing as she does here. Her face, those eyes. They pierce right into your soul, letting you know her true wish isn’t just to be a magical girl but so much more. As usual our sculptors have gone above and beyond to bring you Madoka is a truer form, jumping up, ready to attack, yet with some hesitation in her movements. The truthfulness this figure has is something that is rare among [...] Read More »


Asuna -Knights of the Blood Ver.-

| Good Smile Company, Scaled Figure

It’s already friday! I’m looking forward to this weekend and catching up on some anime! I’m a bit behind on this current season but I plan on catching up on a particular second season of Sword Art Online! Today I wanted to take a look at my favorite character from SAO, Asuna and her Knights of the Blood uniform from the first season! Asuna is such an amazing character, she’s strong, self reliant and independent. Of course she also is the fastest with a sword in the game so she rises up the ranks really quickly! This action pose of Asuna ready to strike really reflects well on her character. The folds of her skirt, how it flows in the [...] Read More »


Phat Company Yoshino

| Phat Company, Scaled Figure

Can it really be considered a throwback thursday if she came out in January….? YEAH, I’ll allow it! Going through all the figures at the office there are some older ones I’ve never gotten the chance to show you! Of course I also want to go back and show some WAY older figures! Maybe next week? I actually have in my own personal collection some VERY old GSC and Max Factory figures so I think it’ll be fun to not only show off how great they still look compared to today’s figures. But also to show off how far we’ve come in the years since we started as Good Smile Company! Of course today’s figure is from Phat Company! We [...] Read More »


Super Sonico: Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine

| Scaled Figure, Wing

It’s already September, time sure does fly by! It feels like Anime Central and Anime Expo were just a few weeks ago! Our next event is New York Comic Con! Will you be coming to visit us? Today I get to give you an up close look at one of my loves, Super Sonico! I have loved Sonico since the first moment I saw her! My whole house is filled with Sonico tapestries, figures, even cups and cosplay! Her sexy design and sweet personality are what appeal to me the most! Wing has done an excellent job on this figure and the sculpt is so fantastic! Of course all of Sonico’s curves are perfectly replicated in this 1/6th scale figure. [...] Read More »