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Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver. Contest!

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WOOT CONTEST TIME! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan It’s that time of the year again! CONTEST GIVEAWAY TIME! I love doing these contests and we’ll be doing a lot more of them from here on out!! To start we’re giving away one Nendoroid Halloween Miku away to one lucky person! She sure did sell out fast on our Online Shop and while we will be selling her at Miku Expo LA, Miku Expo NYC and New York Comic Con 2014, we’re giving one person a lucky chance to win theirs! All you have to do it take a simple photo! That’s it! Take a photo with your or a friend’s Nendoroid, figma, Scaled Figure of Miku by either Good Smile [...] Read More »

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Good Smile Company at New York Comic Con 2014!

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New York Comic Con 2014 is coming up we will be back for our 3rd year in a row! You can find us at booth #422! But here is a teaser of what we’ll be bringing to the event! But as usual we won’t post the prices until the day before the event. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan to be the first to get the pricing information! Nendoroid Halloween Miku will be making her world wide debut at NYCC! Be the first to get your hands on this fantastic Nendoroid!   We’ll have some past exclusives as well included the Anime Expo exclusive Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Ver! We only have a few left of these older exclusives [...] Read More »


figma Ryuko Matoi

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I promised you we’d take a look at figma Ryuko Matoi over on twitter @gsc_mamitan so for a special Saturday blog, here is figma Ryuko! I need to give figma much more love here so expect some more awesome figma coming in the future! One thing I truly love about the figma line is not only it’s poseability, but it’s versatility when it comes to posing! The joints are designed to give you a wide range of motion, but without taking away the human life movements that humans can replicate. Here is Ryuko doing the “Matrix dodge” as my friends call it! Plus the with the inclusion of the figma base pretty much any pose ais possible! One thing my friend [...] Read More »


GSC and Ultra Tokyo Connection at Sakura Con 2014

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Sakura Con was last month, we had a blast going and want to thank everyone who came and stopped by the booth to say hi! This was our first event with Ultra Tokyo Connection, they are our new distribution company for North America and will be doing their absolute best to bring you all our amazing products! Our booth design is new too! Instead of posters we made these awesome banners! Maybe in future events we’ll give some away! Crunchyroll was really awesome and let us switch spaces too since the event hall had a giant pillar in front of our displays. But no worries, fans found the Crunchyroll booth and we were happy to direct them the right way. [...] Read More »


Retro Wednesday – Max Factory Aoba

| Max Factory

It’s been a while since my last retro Wednesday post, and while Aoba isn’t that old since he was released back in April of last year I thought I’d take a closer look at a figure that I constantly get requests for a re-release! As a figure collector I’m sure we all have our regrets, I know I do. My regrets are from when I miss pre-ordering a figure and then wanting it so badly later! I originally didn’t order Aoba either, I didn’t know much about Dramatical Murder so I didn’t jump to order him. But we have one at the office and I just keep staring at him longingly each time i see him! He’s just so handsome! [...] Read More »


Winter Wonfes 2014 – Part 1

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This year’s first wonfes came by and has been simply fantastic! So many truly amazing figure announcements I was fangirling at our entire booth! Title of the post has a part -1 as there is still so much to show you! But I’ll give you a taste of some of the figure announcements that made me squeal in excitement! First up, Nendoroid Ryuko and Mako from Kill la Kill! I am positively obsessed with this series! If you have not had a chance to watch it I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO SO!   Also from Kill la Kill is Max Factory’s figma of Matoi Ryuko! During wonfes, multiple times I died from sheer excitement! Ok I’m highly exaggerating about dying, [...] Read More »


figma Snow Miku

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Today in my adventures in Japan I visited the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa. Went to visit to wish for a happy future and a good trip here in Japan. So far it’s been amazing! I’ve had great food with great friends, and I love spending time with my Japanese Co-workers! I love this time I get to come to Japan and visit with the people who work so hard to make all these amazing figures come to life! But today I’m not here to talk about Japan, I’m here to talk about figma Snow Miku! Boy it’s been cold here in Japan! I’m told tomorrow it will snow! I’m actually very nervous about snow, being from Southern California I don’t [...] Read More »


Anime Expo Sales: The Scales

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Today we’re announcing our stock list for Anime Expo 2013! To help you know what you wish to purchase and how much to bring! We will be accepting Cash as well as Debit and Credit cards at the event to better help you make your purchase. All prices have tax already included to save you the trouble! Let’s get to it! First up is Ultimate Madoka! We’ll have a very limited stock and we will sell only 1 per day, to give fans who can’t come on the first day a chance to purchase her. She’ll be priced at $170 so please do come early to our booth to pick up your Godoka! Next from the popular game Metroid, we [...] Read More »


Samus Aran: Zero Suit Ver. Re-release!

| Max Factory

Look who’s finally getting a re-release! Lovely Samus Aran from the popular game Metroid in her very sexy Zero Suit! She originally was limited to Japan Only but we recently secured licensing rights to be able to ship her out worldwide! To celebrate her re-release check out photos of the first version! To get your own you can pre-order now at the Good Smile Online Shop! You’ll have to excuse my lack of Metroid Knowledge. However this figure is made very well so how about we let the photos speak for themselves! Pre-orders close really soon so get yours in before you miss out again! Or for those who have this figure what is your favorite part? -Mamitan <3

Madoka 2

Ultimate Madoka Figma Fan Reviewed!

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So this whole week I’ve been asking you guys on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook for photos of your Ultimate Madoka figma and your thoughts on her! I bet you’ve been wondering what I was going to do with all those amazing photos! Well I’m starting something new here on the Mamitan blog! Instead of me doing the review, I’m leaving it up to you guys! These are your photos! These are your words! Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop doing reviews. I thought this might be a fun way to have more interaction with you guys! Everyone who submitted a photo is included in this post! I’ll let you guys know who I choose for the fan review so [...] Read More »