Nendoroid Shokaku (7)

Nendoroid Shokaku

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey guys! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) and I’m here to showcase the latest Nendoroid Shokaku from Kantai Collection! “I’m Shokaku, the first Shokaku-class aircraft carrier. I strive to live up to the names of my seniors in the first and second aviation divisions together with Zuikaku!” Shokaku comes with so many parts it’s hard to decide how you want to display her! The back of her is also so well thought out! Her adorable planes can be posed around her ready to attack! Shokaku does come with a battle damaged body to display her after an attack from the apposing side! Nendoroid Shokaku is shipping out to fans next month! Pre-order your own at anyone of our various partner shops! -Mamitan <3 [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Osomtasu (3)

Nendoroid Osomatsu Matsuno

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back with another showcase of a newly released Nendoroid! I’ve got the first of the Matsuno brothers! It’s Osomatsu! We’ve made it very easy to collect all 6 brothers in this set! Each one comes with a variety of expressions but the part I love the best is the part I’m about to show you! The brothers all come with 1 blank face (3 total if you ordered from our online shop!) and inside their box you get these awesome stickers of expressions for the faces! I often get messages from fans asking where the stickers or background that was shown was, they are hiding! Always check the inner cardboard to see if they are taped back [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Cyan (4)

Nendoroid Cyan

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back again! I’m here to bring you a sweet Nendoroid, it’s Nendoroid Cyan from the series Show By Rock! Nendoroid Cyan’s inner box is designed so well! Her inner box is a Plasmagica Stage background! The background makes it very easy to decide how to display her! It’s so vibrant and the colors match her so well! Cyan also comes with her trademark guitar Strawberry Heart! She comes with a mini version of herself too! It’s two figures in one! She also has background to recreate the scene when she first hears Livestock. Nendoroid Cyan is now out and available at various partner shops. -Mamitan <3 Twitter: gsc_mamitan ©2012, 2016 SANRIO CO., LTD.Ⓛ SHOWBYROCK!! 製作委員会©2012, 2016 SANRIO CO., [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume (3)

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back for another Nendoroid to showcase! It’s the setter from Nekoma High School’s Volleyball Team, Kenma Kozume! He’s ready to play and to work with his team! I always appreciated his character, he wasn’t cocky but instead knew the strength of his team were! His various option parts are great too! They really showcase so much of Kenma! I didn’t realize I made him floating a bit! But then it’s good for his character since he can jump to set the ball! So we’ll just say he’s coming down from a jump! He even comes with a sweet black cat! I only recently learned that many black kittys are left in shelters unwanted by many as [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Clear (1)

Nendoroid Clear

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (@gsc_mamitan) back to bring you a new Nendoroid release! It’s Nendoroid Clear from the popular game and anime Dramatical Murder by Nitro+chiral! Nendoroid Clear of course isn’t complete with his characteristic gas mask. He’s got the umbrella open simply because he likes it. I do love those clear umbrellas they sell in Japan! They are so handy and for such a low price are actually quite well made! Clear’s mask is well sculpted and recreated into Nendoroid size. It fits his face by the use of an extra hair part that attaches to his mask. We’ve used a slightly translucent material for the eyes, so you can almost see his eyes shine through the mask. But [...] Read More »


Summer Wonfes 2016 – Mamitan Report!

| Event, Figma, Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Nendoroid

Hey guys! It’s Wonfes time and I thought I’d write up a quick blog of some of my favorite items at the Good Smile Company booth! Make sure to follow me on twitter and participate in our Twitter Giveaway Campaign! @gsc_mamitan The first thing you’ll see at our booth is our brand new Sakura Kinomoto: Stars Bless You ver! She’s a special release to commemorate Good Smile Company’s 15th year Anniversary and Card Captor Sakura’s 20th Anniversary! Sakura is out for pre-order now too! Order from our Global Online Shop and get free shipping! Let’s take a look at the of the amazing Nendoroids announced at Wonfes!   The first announcement that made my heart aflutter was that Syaoran is getting [...] Read More »


Anime Expo 2016 Pre-sale, Nendoroid Mega Man: Metal Blade Ver!

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

We still have more to come with our Anime Expo pre-sale items! Follow me on Twitter for more info on these items! @gsc_mamitan  Next for Anime Expo 2016 pre-sale items is a special Nendoroid Megaman variant, Nendoroid Mega Man: Metal Blade Ver! From the popular ‘Mega Man’ series comes a Nendoroid of Mega Man once he has defeated Metal Man and taken the ‘Metal Blade’ power! Optional parts include the powerful ‘Metal Blade’ special weapon in both a small and large size, allowing you to pose Megaman both holding the blade at the ready as well as have it flying through the air as if it had just been thrown! He comes with the same standard expression and damaged expression from [...] Read More »


Anime Expo 2016 Pre-sale, Nendoroid Solid Snake: Stealth Camouflage Ver.

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

There is still more to come for Anime Expo 2016! Follow me on twitter for more announcements to be coming soon! @gsc_mamitan     The last announcement for today is Nendoroid Solid Snake: Stealth Camouflage Ver! “From “”METAL GEAR SOLID”” comes a Nendoroid of the main character of the series, the infiltration specialist ‘Solid Snake’ in a special stealth camouflage version! The low-polygon face part is also included in the stealth mode for those who would rather have the classic Snake on display! The rough look of his character has been preserved while still giving him the cuter appearance provided by the Nendoroid design, and now he has been made with translucent green parts to represent him staying safe in [...] Read More »

Saber With Bike (2)

Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier Re-release!

| Good Smile Company, Scaled Figure

We’ve got some cool announcements coming up soon! Make sure to follow me on twitter for some cool info about our upcoming events! @gsc_mamitan When I heard that Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier was getting a re-release I was pretty excited. So many fans have been wanting this figure and she truly is one that all Saber fans should own. The figure’s pose is based on an illustration that was featured in the original novel for the series, when we finally got to her Saber on her bike in the anime it was amazing! Of course this figure is massive and at 1/8th scale she looks fantastic! Saber’s hair is blowing in the wind in such a great realistic fashion! I [...] Read More »

Nozomi 2

Nendoroid Nozomi Moritomo

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey guys it’s Mamitan! @gsc_mamitan My dad had a motorcycle when I was little, I loved riding it with him! The wind on my face and the way it made my skin tingle when we stopped from the wind and the sun! Today we’re looking at the recently released Nendoroid Nozomi Miritomo from the series Rolling Girls. Of course what makes this particular Nendoroid amazing is that SHE ACTUALLY COMES WITH A MOTORCYCLE AND A SIDE CAR!! Nozomi comes with two head pieces, 1 for her to wear her helmet, and one without. Plus she also of course comes with a bottle of Cheerio to hold! Her side car is also designed to hold another Nendoroid with her! Looks like Nendoroid [...] Read More »