Miku Expo LA

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Follow me on Twitter for fun updates on Good Smile Company and all we do in North America! @gsc_mamitan This past weekend in LA was Miku Expo! Held at LA Center Studios we had some of our staff come by and bring you all the Nendoroid Halloween Miku and some other Miku goodies!   This adorable Miku Nendoroid was available for sale but with so many fans in attendance we sold of very fast! We brought so many too! While I personally wasn’t at the event, I was back on the east coast for New York Comic Con, check out these photos from our staff who participated!   As seen from the photos the lines were long and the crowds [...] Read More »


Good Smile Company NYCC Booth!

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New York Comic Con is going on this weekend and we’re here at booth #422 to show off some upcoming figures and bring some great deals! Follow me on Twitter for more NYCC fun @gsc_mamitan! We’re back again and we’re having a blast here in NYC! Our booth is our same setup but with some added balloons including this fun GIANT balloon so you can find us easily! Of course I promised you photos of the Ninja Turtles, but today is only a teaser again. I’ll have much better photos for tomorrow’s blog! But for now take a look at our display, ALL FOUR TURTLES!! They look so fantastic! There were crowds around the display the entire event! Seems everyone [...] Read More »

comc14_zoned_empty (7-15-14).ai

Good Smile Company at New York Comic Con 2014!

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New York Comic Con 2014 is coming up we will be back for our 3rd year in a row! You can find us at booth #422! But here is a teaser of what we’ll be bringing to the event! But as usual we won’t post the prices until the day before the event. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan to be the first to get the pricing information! Nendoroid Halloween Miku will be making her world wide debut at NYCC! Be the first to get your hands on this fantastic Nendoroid!   We’ll have some past exclusives as well included the Anime Expo exclusive Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Ver! We only have a few left of these older exclusives [...] Read More »


Beast Astray Art Exhibit

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Not a figure post but something cool going on in LA right now! Last night was the opening of Beast Astray, an art exhibit created with artwork insirted by the upcoming motion picture MALL by Joe Hahn. Check out the trailer below! With so much artwork inspired by the film by talented artists like James Jean, Komatsu Miwa, Mechikuro, Joe Hahn and many more this was a pleasure to see all this fantastic art under one roof! While the venue inside was packed with all sorts of celebrities and artists alike the crowds outside were intense as well. I decided to blank out people’s faces but then I realized after you can’t see the long lines that went down the [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Halloween Ver.

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Now here is a Nendoroid that I am beyond excited for! I heard about the planning for her a while ago and we are really excited to bring her to you directly this October at Miku Expo and NYCC! When the package came in the mail of the Nendoroid Halloween Miku I was so excited to get photos of her out for you guys! I tried a few different styles of photos but it seems I still need some work on my technique. So sadly, this cool candlelit photo is the only one from this set that made it through. I must have freaked out my neighbors a bit to have them walk into a scene of me laying on [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Ver.

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This year’s Anime Expo, exclusive figure is Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Version! Wanted to show you all just how much fun he is! I was so excited when I found out that Levi was going to be our exclusive figure for this year! Last yea’rs Nendoroid Madoka Maiko and Nendoroid Miku Natsutsubaki. For this year’s figure Levi was the obvious choice! Attack on Titan is so popular and Levi is one of the most beloved characters! Who is your favorite Attack on Titan character? I happen to ADORE Hanji! Someday I’ll cosplay her too! Levi comes with some really great option parts! Two handkerchiefs for his face, a broom, a duster and extra hands and arms. I love having him on [...] Read More »


GSC and Ultra Tokyo Connection at Sakura Con 2014

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Sakura Con was last month, we had a blast going and want to thank everyone who came and stopped by the booth to say hi! This was our first event with Ultra Tokyo Connection, they are our new distribution company for North America and will be doing their absolute best to bring you all our amazing products! Our booth design is new too! Instead of posters we made these awesome banners! Maybe in future events we’ll give some away! Crunchyroll was really awesome and let us switch spaces too since the event hall had a giant pillar in front of our displays. But no worries, fans found the Crunchyroll booth and we were happy to direct them the right way. [...] Read More »


Kill la Kill Last Episode Party!

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This last Thursday the last episode of Kill la Kill had finally aired. It’s a sad moment since I’m such a huge fan, but it was so much fun watching that I wanted to enjoy the last episode surrounded by friends! We decided to throw a Kill la Kill viewing party on Friday, that way we could make sure everyone could get off work and we could watch the episode on Crunchyroll with no problems and in HD!   The only way to have a proper party is to decorate and what best to decorate for a Kill la Kill party than with Mako! The theme was Mako Family Style Dinner! So I decorated the apartment with Mako and even [...] Read More »


Winter Wonfes 2014 – Part 1

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This year’s first wonfes came by and has been simply fantastic! So many truly amazing figure announcements I was fangirling at our entire booth! Title of the post has a part -1 as there is still so much to show you! But I’ll give you a taste of some of the figure announcements that made me squeal in excitement! First up, Nendoroid Ryuko and Mako from Kill la Kill! I am positively obsessed with this series! If you have not had a chance to watch it I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO SO!   Also from Kill la Kill is Max Factory’s figma of Matoi Ryuko! During wonfes, multiple times I died from sheer excitement! Ok I’m highly exaggerating about dying, [...] Read More »


Toon Workshop Headphones

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  Wonfes was last weekend and along with all of the amazing figure announcements, were announcements of these headphones. I’ve been getting a TON of questions so I thought I’d go ahead and spill the beans! We’ve teamed up with FOSTEX and are making our own line of headphones called Toon Workshop! We plan to collaborate with lots of different artists, creators and properties. They are these super amazing transforming headphones and I’m proud to say I’ve been involved with the development team on them for quite some time.   While there is still plenty more information on them there isn’t much I can divulge just yet. My lips are sealed! However I can tell you we’re shooting for a [...] Read More »