Nendoroid Clear

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Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (@gsc_mamitan) back to bring you a new Nendoroid release! It’s Nendoroid Clear from the popular game and anime Dramatical Murder by Nitro+chiral!

Nendoroid Clear (1)
Nendoroid Clear of course isn’t complete with his characteristic gas mask. He’s got the umbrella open simply because he likes it. I do love those clear umbrellas they sell in Japan! They are so handy and for such a low price are actually quite well made!

Nendoroid Clear (2)
Clear’s mask is well sculpted and recreated into Nendoroid size. It fits his face by the use of an extra hair part that attaches to his mask.
Nendoroid Clear (3)
We’ve used a slightly translucent material for the eyes, so you can almost see his eyes shine through the mask.

Nendoroid Clear (4)
But you can’t have a full Clear Nendoroid without being able to remove his gas mask. For this we also have provided fans with a smaller gas mask he can hold in his hand! It’s such an adorable feature to be able to remove it from a Nendoroid¬†face, and then the item becomes small when in their hands!

Nendoroid Clear (5)
His handsome face shines through with the bright smile! You can almost hear his soft voice calling out to Aoba. “Master!”

Nendoroid Clear (6)
Clear also comes with option parts to make it appear that his hands are buried deep in his pockets. I am a huge fan of these types of option parts, they are so well designed and look so natural!

Nendoroid Clear (7)
His soft hair has also been sculpted with such detail! The way his hair looks so soft and fluffy with so much dimension in the color is really impressive!

Nendoroid Clear (8)
Nendoroid Clear came out earlier this year in June. You can check out our various partner shops to order your own!

-Mamitan <3

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