Nendoroid Osomtasu (3)

Nendoroid Osomatsu Matsuno

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back with another showcase of a newly released Nendoroid! I’ve got the first of the Matsuno brothers! It’s Osomatsu! We’ve made it very easy to collect all 6 brothers in this set! Each one comes with a variety of expressions but the part I love the best is the part I’m about to show you! The brothers all come with 1 blank face (3 total if you ordered from our online shop!) and inside their box you get these awesome stickers of expressions for the faces! I often get messages from fans asking where the stickers or background that was shown was, they are hiding! Always check the inner cardboard to see if they are taped back [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Cyan (4)

Nendoroid Cyan

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back again! I’m here to bring you a sweet Nendoroid, it’s Nendoroid Cyan from the series Show By Rock! Nendoroid Cyan’s inner box is designed so well! Her inner box is a Plasmagica Stage background! The background makes it very easy to decide how to display her! It’s so vibrant and the colors match her so well! Cyan also comes with her trademark guitar Strawberry Heart! She comes with a mini version of herself too! It’s two figures in one! She also has background to recreate the scene when she first hears Livestock. Nendoroid Cyan is now out and available at various partner shops. -Mamitan <3 Twitter: gsc_mamitan ©2012, 2016 SANRIO CO., LTD.Ⓛ SHOWBYROCK!! 製作委員会©2012, 2016 SANRIO CO., [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume (3)

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (gsc_mamitan) back for another Nendoroid to showcase! It’s the setter from Nekoma High School’s Volleyball Team, Kenma Kozume! He’s ready to play and to work with his team! I always appreciated his character, he wasn’t cocky but instead knew the strength of his team were! His various option parts are great too! They really showcase so much of Kenma! I didn’t realize I made him floating a bit! But then it’s good for his character since he can jump to set the ball! So we’ll just say he’s coming down from a jump! He even comes with a sweet black cat! I only recently learned that many black kittys are left in shelters unwanted by many as [...] Read More »

Nendoroid Clear (1)

Nendoroid Clear

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Hey everyone! It’s Mamitan (@gsc_mamitan) back to bring you a new Nendoroid release! It’s Nendoroid Clear from the popular game and anime Dramatical Murder by Nitro+chiral! Nendoroid Clear of course isn’t complete with his characteristic gas mask. He’s got the umbrella open simply because he likes it. I do love those clear umbrellas they sell in Japan! They are so handy and for such a low price are actually quite well made! Clear’s mask is well sculpted and recreated into Nendoroid size. It fits his face by the use of an extra hair part that attaches to his mask. We’ve used a slightly translucent material for the eyes, so you can almost see his eyes shine through the mask. But [...] Read More »