Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier Re-release!

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Saber With Bike (1)
When I heard that Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier was getting a re-release I was pretty excited. So many fans have been wanting this figure and she truly is one that all Saber fans should own.

Saber With Bike (2)
The figure’s pose is based on an illustration that was featured in the original novel for the series, when we finally got to her Saber on her bike in the anime it was amazing!

Saber With Bike (3)
Of course this figure is massive and at 1/8th scale she looks fantastic!

Saber With Bike (4)
Saber’s hair is blowing in the wind in such a great realistic fashion! I adore the realism on her sculpt!

Saber With Bike (5)
At first glance it looks like she’s wearing all black, but the soft tones of blue and purple on her shirt do come alive on her design.

Saber With Bike (6)
This tough look that is so characteristic of Saber when she is ready to kick butt!

Saber With Bike (7)
Saber With Bike (8)
Saber With Bike (9)
Saber With Bike (10)
Saber With Bike (13)
Saber With Bike (11)
Saber is a figure you don’t want to miss out on, her first release was so popular but it’s rare for a figure to get many chances like this to come back. If you were hesitant before, don’t be again. Pre-orders are open now on our online shop! 

-Mamitan <3

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