Nendoroid Cynthia

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

With so many events coming up I better make sure I’m staying in peak physical health! Gotta get lots of Vitamin C in me! Make sure to follow me on twitter too! @gsc-mamitan  Today I’m taking a close up look at Nendoroid Cynthia from Pokémon! I don’t think I know a single person my age who doesn’t know Pokémon! I played it from a very young age! From the card game, to getting my first Gameboy JUST to play Pokémon! We all wanted to be the very best! Like no one ever was!! Nendoroid Cynthia wouldn’t be complete without her trusty Garchomp! He is not only well detailed, but he comes with many joints to pose him in all sorts of fun ways! [...] Read More »