Inori Yuzuriha: Yukata Ver.

| Freeing, Scaled Figure

I have a few Waifu’s I know you’re only supposed to have one, but then I just love so many characters I just can’t choose! But then I will admit there are some I love more than others, but I do still categorize them as Waifu! Follow me on Twitter to chat about Waifu’s! @gsc_mamitan Speaking of Waifus, today we’re looking at Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown! I ADORE THIS CHARACTER!! The lead singer of Egoist (within Guilty Crown) and an integral part of¬†Funeral Parlor! While Inori never wears a Yukata in the series, the design is perfect for her and really is something she would pick! Keeping with the motif of goldfish that her original outfit is based on, [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Naruko Aoba

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

We already announced the contest winners from our Wonfes contest! The winners were privately contacted and have all responded since. Thanks for participating! Make sure to follow me on twitter for updates on our products,¬†contests, and events! @gsc_mamitan Today I’m looking at cutie pie Nendoroid Naruko Aoba! Not to be confused with Nendoroid Aoba from Dramatical Murder! From the series Magica Wars that started out game that turned into an animation series made by Gainax. The details on her outfit are intricately and perfectly painted on! Nothing was overlooked! She comes with her mace, Tanikaze too! It fits in her hands well in many different poses! I love her pigtails so much and they come with the signature Nendoroid joint [...] Read More »