Nendoroid Hozuki

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Taking i’m looking at Nendoroid Hozuki!

From the popular manga and anime series, ‘Hozuki no Reitetsu’ comes a Nendoroid of the sadistic oni that serves as first aide to the King of Hell, Hozuki! He comes with both a standard calm expression, as well a contrasting aggressive expression filled with rage. His beloved metal club is included for him to wield.

Other optional parts include the goldfish plant he keeps as a pet, as well as Shiro – the dog that serves as a kind of mascot for hell’s guards! Shiro’s front legs are articulated allowing for some alternating poses for him as well! While the composed and serious look has been kept faithfully, the cute Nendoroid charm has also been added for a Hozuki-sama that fans will be happy to add to their collection!

Hozuki known for his charming personality comes with the best faces! This angry expression is be far one of my all time favorite Nendoroid expression! He’s just so angry, he makes you want to hold him but then it’ll only make him madder!
I love how his club comes with a sweet tassel! It even moves with the club due to the cute ring at the end!

He comes with his Goldfish plant friend and a spring included to help it bob every which way!
IMG_5889But the best and most well though out part of Nendoroid Hozuki is his hair piece! The horn is attached to his hair, so this means you can use Hozuki’s expressions on other Nendoroids and vice versa!

Poor Hozuki doesn’t like it when you tease him! I adore creating fun scenarios for Nendoroid using other character expressions! Of course Hozuki is far too dignified to be seen crying in this manner!
Nendoroid Hozuki is shipping out to fans around the world in just a few days! If you missed his pre-orders try our official partner shops!

-Mamitan <3

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