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Today we’re taking a look at the newly released Max Factory 1/7th Mikuzukin! I’ve been so excited about this Miku figure since she was first announced. This version of miku is hands down my all time favorite! Her outfit is so adorable and really suits Miku!
Max Factory has outdone themselves, I’m trying not to drool too much while writing this post as I’m way too obsessed with Mikuzukin!!

The matte paint for her thigh highs combined with the gloss for her shoes really brings them out and makes them pop! It really gives you the impression that her shoes are made from patent leather!
The ruffles are sheer perfection, with each ruffle delicately folded onto itself and painted with the best shade and dimension.
Miku’s nails are also freshly manicured! I have this exact shade of green too! I like to wear it when I’m feeling like sharing my love of Miku!
The simple details that can be easily overlooked are what make Mikuzukin so amazing! From the cord holding her apron together, to her giant ribbon with all yellow ribbon detail added!
I love the way the top of her thigh highs pull away from her leg on the top, and the way the ribbon is sculpted to appear as though it is going through the top is fantastic!
Mikuzukin wouldn’t be complete without her signature wolf plush on her head!
Mikuzukin is perfect for all fans of Miku, but also anyone who just loves a well sculpted, beautiful figure in their collection. I couldn’t pass up on her but my roommate insisted that he buy her for me as a present! He knows just how much I love Mikuzukin! She came out last month, so some of our partner shops may still have her in stock!

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  1. Tian

    This is easily my favorite release of the year so far! Just an example of a wonderful design that was perfectly executed.


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