figFIX Shimakaze: Half-Damage Ver

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It’s interesting how my love of Kantai Collection all started with Nendoroid Shimakaze! She was so cute I had to see what all the fuss was about! Make sure to follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan, we’ve got some cool things coming up soon and you’ll want to follow me!
When we announced the figFIX line I was beyond excited, especially for those of us who love the figma size and design but aren’t a huge fan of joints. One of the reasons I love the figma line so much is because the joints are really subtle, but this new lines takes¬†what we love about figma and removes the joints!
The first of the line HAD to be Shimakaze! This half damage design is so cute and adding that to a figma would be difficult, but having this version as a figFIX was a no brainer.
Since she’s a part of the figFIX line that means she also comes with the awesome figma base too! So if you have a collection of figma she won’t look out of place at all! Plus she comes with the same neck joint and swappable expressions that you can find from a normal figma, so if you have figma Shimakaze you can exchange faces!
The figma base is my favorite too since it really does so much to allow for mid air poses which is 100% needed for figFIX Shimakaze!
Of course she comes with all the detail expected of a figma, so quality is still and always top notch!

Bonus belly shot! She has the cutest tummy ever!
Plus she comes with not 1 but 3 Rensoouhou-chans! LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS!!
Can I hug it!?!?
LOVE!! <3 <3 <3
figFIX Shimakaze just came out a little while ago, so you might still be able to find her at various partner shops.

Kongo Bust

Special news, if you’re a fan of Kantai Collection like me then you’ll love our new Kongo busts. Part of our new Wonderful Hobby Selection line, these fantastic busts are perfect for all collectors, casual and die-hard a like!

The version on the left is a special version that is painted in the style of the original sculptor Keiondou, while the version on the right is painted in our GSC style. Both are up for pre-order on the Good Smile Company Online Shop!

Kongo Bust: Keiondou Ver.


Kongo Bust

-Mamitan <3



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  1. Tian

    I bought the normal Shimakaze but these pictures are making me want the figFIX version too. The damaged Rensouhou-chans are too amazing!


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