Madoka Kaname: Maiko Ver.

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The weather has finally changed around here and it’s pouring rain! So let’s show off a figure who is prepared for the rain with sn umbrella! Ok I know tht’s just silly, but before the weather changed on us I took some photos of Lovely Madoka here I wanted to show her off! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitanĀ 


This is an interesting figure as it was made by Aniplex themselves! They’ve been making their own figures and we distribute them in Japan, we also sold her at some events here in the US! If you stopped by you might have seen me too!


Based on this artwork Madoka is dressed as a Maiko, that means she’s dressed as a Geisha in training. She’s the right age too since Maiko are usually between 15-20 years old. Just googling Maiko will bring up images of some of the prettiest photos of beautiful girls in Kimono too!
They did an awesome job of replicating the design just as in the photo! I love the detail on her shoes and the color o the base, it’s a simple base but really does bring a lot to Madoka as the leaves so a great job of bringing out the colors in her Kimono.
Removing her umbrella you can see the back of her a bit better, even the way her Kimono is pulled down in the back to show off the nape of her neck is just perfect!
The colors are so vibrant and really work well together! There is so much that goes into coordinating a Kimono and I love seeing all the various combinations that can be made! As someone not from Japan these things really do interest me so much! It’s fun to take a look into someone else’s culture!
Madoka does look so sweet and almost carefree in this pose!
The flower pattern on her Kimono is also something I am in love with, the colors and the design, I want one of these to wear for myself!
Madoka came out over a year ago now so she’s a bit more difficult to come across. But you can check our various partner shops online to see if they have any left in stock.


I did want to share something FABULOUS with you all! This Ranko Kanzaki figure from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls! She’s made by Phat Company and is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Everything about her is pure perfection! She’s out for pre-order now at the Good Smile Company Online Shop!

Can’t afford the space for such a large figure? Well she also comes in variant with a much smaller base for those with not a lot of space for such a dynamic figure but still love Ranko!


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-Mamitan <3

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