Swamp Witch Metallica

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Halloween may already be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at some sexy witches! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan 
From Nippon Ichi’s latest game “The Witch and the Hundred Knight” we have the main character Metallica. I had fallen in love with this figure and her sculpt the moment I laid my eyes upon her, so finally getting to see her finished product has been a delight!

She holds up her Hundred Knight by the leg, even he is so skillfully represented here in PVC form before us!
Her base as well has some great detail to it, the intricacies of the final product and sculpt really do make this figure shine!!
Metallica hides behind her large hat but that doesn’t stop her from looking fantastic or hiding her lovely face!
Of course the hat is also removeable too!!

This photo came out much more vibrant that the rest, but her coloring is something that I feel no photos can do proper justice!
Her hat is one of my favorite parts! The black is such a fantastic deep matte black, the sculpt really doesn’t look like PVC but almost as if she were wearing a real hat on her head! The colors too, the translucent rainbow of colors that comes from the tip of her hat just really make everything come together!
Swamp Witch Metallica only just came out late last month, so you might still be able to order her from our various partner shops! http://partner.goodsmile.info/support/eng/partnershops/

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Now I can’t wait for Kaito to come out!

-Mamitan <3



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  1. Hitokiri_Ace

    Me-ta-ri-ka da!
    Great pics, and thanks for taking the time to show her off! Man.. I can’t wait to get this in the mail! (crunchyroll’s deals are so nice.. but the wait! UGH)
    Numa no majo.. soon…. sooon.. :D

  2. Wilson N

    If we’re going to have a KAITO version…

    Then we must have a megurine luka version too!


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