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When I had talked to my friend’s about meeting Feed Me, they freaked out! Glad I can now talk about helping make these figures a reality! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan

There are some fun projects we get to work on directly here at GSC USA and this was one of them! Bringing you these amazing figures of King Feedy on his throne! A fun fact himself, Feed me himself designed the art on the boxes for both figures!~

First up is the original version of King Feedy on his throne! Our team had so much fun with his sculpt and his design! He was just so much fun to work on!
He looks so fantastic and all of the detail looks so great! When I saw him in person I swore his chair was real!

But there are two versions!! This fantastic gold version is a limited edition version and you can only get him from Feed Me’s merch site.
These were made in limited quantities so make sure you place your order!

They are available for sale now, and you canĀ order them on FeedMerch.com


Head on over and make your order before stock runs out!

So here is my question to you? What other awesome collaboration stuff do you want to see us do in the future?

-Mamitan <3

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