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Today I’m showing off a way older figure from my own personal collection! It’s Max Factory’s Bridget from Guilty Gear! He (yes totally not a type) came out in April of 2008! that’s more than 6 years ago!



For those not familiar with the character, Bridget is everyone’s favorite trap! He’s an adorable cross dressing boy from the popular game Guilty Gear!



When I got this figure years ago one of the things I loved the most was how they included a panty shot angle, but still gave him black shorts, just for the little hint of modesty! Look at him trying to cover it up with his hands! He doesn’t want us looking there!




While still a simple figure design, Bridget is a classic figure made by Max Factory and has well stood the test of time due to his sweet pose, perfect paint application and the fact that his sculpt is really true to our standards of quality. I’m always amazed to look back of the history of Good Smile and Max Factory to see figures that could be released today as they are still just so perfect!



Sadly since he’s such an older figure it’ll be quite difficult to find online. I myself have been looking for his counterpart Ino¬†for quite some time! I love finding older rare figure of Max Factory and Good Smile Company for my own collection! So I’ve still got plenty to show off for the coming weeks!

-Mamitan <3

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  1. TIan

    Wow, didn’t even know this was a figure! GG has some great character designs; it would be nice to see more figures made!


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