Phat Company 1/8 Tsukushi Tsutsukakushi

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Known as theĀ Steel King, she’s the strong over protective older sister of Tsukiko!
But doesn’t mean she’s not also a cutie in her own way!
Everything about this figure looks so great and has been faithfully recreated from the original artwork.
Her smirk is something I love! That small coy smile is just so cute!
Of course you can’t forget that body of hers! But it is funny to me how sweaters fit in anime, I can say from personal experience that jackets don’t normally fit large chested girls like this, I wanna know where she shops so I can get a boob jacket too! tehe!
Tsukushi comes with two options for her hands, one is where she holds photos of her beloved sister Tsukiko, it’s her own way of showing her love!
Such a pretty skirt and Loooooooonnnnggg legs!
Her base is cute with the title of the series across it.
And the other option for her hands, she can also hold the cleats she wears when doing sports!
Tsukushi is coming out soon but you can check with various partner shops if they still have pre-orders open. But remember to always pre-order when you see a figure announcement to secure getting your order in.

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