Belldandy with Holy Bell

| Max Factory, Scaled Figure

This week is NYCC! I’m really excited to see everyone! Make sure to come by the booth and say hi! We’re at booth #422! Check out this post to see what we’re bringing and follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan!
Today I wanted to take a look at this amazing Max Factory figure that has been years in the making! Belldandy with Holy Bell is one of those figures that we had wanted to make for YEARS! But when she was originally sculpted years ago the technology to produce her into a PVC with the detail she deserved just wasn’t there yet.
But with the advances in technology in figure making over the years we finally decided it was the time, and it lined up perfectly to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Max Factory!
IMG_4005This figure is pure perfection, the wings, the hair, the face, the clothes, everything about them is wonderful!

I remember talking to Aki-san years ago about her and he mentioned the hair most of all, how the hair was something that was impossible even just a few years ago, but now totally doable! To think small details like this could have been overlooked years ago in figure making and now we can make sure everything from the original sculpt is included if not better!


This fantastic figure is still available at our various partner shops¬†and we’ll be selling her as well at NYCC this weekend! Make sure you stop by and get yours!

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-Mamitan <3


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  1. Andrew

    She’s absolutely gorgeous and went under the radar for me. Thanks so much for the great pictures. Would love to add her to my collection!

  2. Cas

    I’ve had my eye on her for a while and it’s great to see a proper example besides just store photos that don’t always show every angle


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