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The Adventures of Nendoroid Link: Hearts and Dragons!!

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Little adorable Nendoroid Link has gone on a couple of adventures! His last before this was going to NYCC being on display for everyone! Follow me on Twitter for more fun Good Smile antics! @gsc_mamitanĀ  Nendoroid Link loves the outdoors! So we spent sometime outside just enjoying the sun and the weather! It’s finally cooling down here which is been very nice! But then Link got distracted and ran away to get a few hearts!~ But it’s a good thing he did otherwise he wouldn’t be prepared for what came next! Oh no! It’s a dragon! But it doesn’t look like Link is exactly prepared to defeat this mighty dragon! Whatever will he do!? But in the end, it’s alright, [...] Read More »