Super Sonico: Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine

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It’s already September, time sure does fly by! It feels like Anime Central and Anime Expo were just a few weeks ago! Our next event is New York Comic Con! Will you be coming to visit us?

Today I get to give you an up close look at one of my loves, Super Sonico! I have loved Sonico since the first moment I saw her! My whole house is filled with Sonico tapestries, figures, even cups and cosplay! Her sexy design and sweet personality are what appeal to me the most!

Wing has done an excellent job on this figure and the sculpt is so fantastic! Of course all of Sonico’s curves are perfectly replicated in this 1/6th scale figure.

Sonico’s face is just as cute as can be! Her smile just lights up the room! One feature on all Sonico art are her headphones! Seems Sonico can’t leave the house without them on! I wonder what kind of music she’s listening to!

Something I love about not only the sculpt and the paint is how our team is able to create the dimension you see on her back. All the curves and the lines make Sonico look so realistic! The way you can see her shoulder blades is just amazing to me! It’s something that could have been easily overlooked but that extra added detail really stands out to me. You need a true artist to make a figure like this come to life!

Now it looks like poor Sonico seems to have issues with buying swimsuits in Japan, I’m sure it’s tough for her to find a swimsuit large enough so she has to wear these tiny bikini bottoms!

One of the key points in this figure is Sonico’s Chocolate Guitar, since Sonico is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine it’s also a Valentine in itself with the I <3 You in frosting! I would not be able to handle so much chocolate and not eat it all in one sitting!

Bonus shot of Sonico’s nice backside!
Sonico’s delicate fingers hold onto her guitar but it looks like the heat from her hands is causing the chocolate to melt a bit.

But did you know that this Super Sonico figure has some extra parts? Not only is her top cast off and removable, but Sonico comes with an extra face AND these amazing chocolate decal stickers to give Sonico the look of being covered in chocolate!
The winking face is not only just the sweetest face ever, but the chocolate stickers are so amazing and you can place them wherever you like! I of course used them to censor some photos so it can be posted on the blog, but you can see her rosebuds in person when you get yours!
I had so much fun playing with Sonico and placing the stickers all over her! She’s just having some fun and a bit of a messy eater it seems too! But then you can’t help getting covered in Chocolate when your guitar is made out of chocolate!

Wing’s┬áSuper Sonico: Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine is currently out in stores and available at our various partner shops! But the best way to always secure your order for any figure is to pre-order when we announce the figure. We hold pre-orders on our site directly at the Good Smile Company Online Shop.

Speaking of Pre-orders,



Hatsune Miku Tell Your World Version going out on pre-order later tonight! Stay posted on the GSC Online Shop to pre-order yours!

-Mamitan <3

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