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I promised you we’d take a look at figma Ryuko Matoi over on twitter @gsc_mamitan┬áso for a special Saturday blog, here is figma Ryuko!


I need to give figma much more love here so expect some more awesome figma coming in the future!

One thing I truly love about the figma line is not only it’s poseability, but it’s versatility when it comes to posing! The joints are designed to give you a wide range of motion, but without taking away the human life movements that humans can replicate.
Here is Ryuko doing the “Matrix dodge” as my friends call it! Plus the with the inclusion of the figma base pretty much any pose ais possible! One thing my friend would like to point out, (he’s a huge figma fan and is the king of figma posing! I don’t lie, I had some help with this photo!) is that you don’t need to have your figma stand on the base part itself, but can use it to anchor your figma to create more dynamic poses!

Of course, with all figma, she comes with a part to insert the base onto her back for more stability, and all the fantastic details from Ryuko’s transformed Senketsu are perfectly replicated in figma form!

Doesn’t mean that Ryuko isn’t shy sometimes to show off so much skin!
Don’t worry Ryuko, you look great!
Ryuko comes with two scissor blades, the original version and the extended version called decapitation mode to kick much more butt with!

And the figma hand holder with various hands to use for Ryuko! She also comes with fist hands as well that are not show in this photo.

Ryuko also comes with 3 different facial expressions to choose from, from the earlier shown “embarrassed but ready to kick your ass” face, “did you kill my dad?” face and the “I guess you didn’t kill my dad face, let’s be friends” face.
Most of these photos were me having way too much fun with figma Ryuko! I can’t wait till you guys get your figma in! She’s coming out today and should be shipping out soon! Once you get your figma Ryuko, send over photos of her in awesome action poses to my Twitter @gsc_mamitan and I’ll share them on the blog! figma Satsuki’s pre-order should be coming soon, but who else from Kill la Kill would you like to see in figma form?

-Mamitan <3


22 Responses to “figma Ryuko Matoi”

  1. dumbname

    I really want untransformed Ryuko and Satsuki. And Satsuki needs to be in her dramatic speech pose. You know the one.

  2. Orihan

    TSUMUGU. Please give us a Tsumugu (Clothed version!) GSC could even sell his bike seperately and i’d buy it. A second preference would be Satsuki/Ryuko in their normal clothing. But gcs, we need the red mohawk dude that is Tsumugu on our shelves and desks.

  3. Orihan

    I would still rather have a Tsumgu(Clothed), but i’d totes buy a Fight Club Mako Mankanshoku. :v

  4. kuma

    Any member of the elite four. Im hoping for Nonon. A Nui fig would also be great. Though I’m super hopeful and would just love and buy figs of everyone

  5. Anna

    The entire elite four….Nonon, Gamagoori, Sanageyama and Inumuta. If only one of them gets made but not the rest, that would be a tragedy, because they’re the elite FOUR. (Iori Shiro would also be nice, since the eastern fandom is really really passionate about him)

  6. Gonstead

    Non-Transformed versions of Satsuki and Ryuko, the Elite Four, Nui, Ragyo, Tsumugu and Aikuro.

    Transformed states as well if possible.


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