Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku

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When my favorite characters become Nendoroids, there is something that makes me so very excited! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan! Adorable Mako, sweet sweet Mako! The poor zero star student from Honnōji Gakuen and Ryuko’s best friend! Mako is one of those incredible Nendoroids that is filled with so much emotion and so much character! Of course all our Nendoroids are amazing but when our team made the faces for Mako it was incredible! Mako get’s so excited but then also can fall asleep anywhere! The pillow is from a REALLY old Nendoroid, Akihime Sumomo from the game Nanatsuhiro Drops. It was originally bundled with the game and one of my prized possessions! Mako even comes with an extended pole for [...] Read More »

Menma (2)

Nendoroid Menma

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I love when we do re-releases! Especially when it’s because fans like you contact us and we can make it happen! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan You can always chat with me there to ask for re-releases! Nendoroid Menma is Nendoroid #204! We are already way past 400! We’ve come so far! She was originally released back in 2012! But after many many fans contacted us begging for a re-release we did what we could and got your a re-release! Menma is such a sweet Nendoroid and the sweetest character, if you’ve not seen AnoHana yet you should fix that and go watch it now! Menma comes with so many option hands it’s difficult to decide which option to leave [...] Read More »


Beast Astray Art Exhibit

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Not a figure post but something cool going on in LA right now! Last night was the opening of Beast Astray, an art exhibit created with artwork insirted by the upcoming motion picture MALL by Joe Hahn. Check out the trailer below! With so much artwork inspired by the film by talented artists like James Jean, Komatsu Miwa, Mechikuro, Joe Hahn and many more this was a pleasure to see all this fantastic art under one roof! While the venue inside was packed with all sorts of celebrities and artists alike the crowds outside were intense as well. I decided to blank out people’s faces but then I realized after you can’t see the long lines that went down the [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Tina

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Now out for pre-order is this adorable Nendoroid! Pre-order her now at the Good Smile Company Online Shop! Here we have Nendoroid Tina from the visual novel Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki. Tina actually was initially available at Comic Market 86, Booth 451. But now she’s available for pre-order so everyone can get her! I love her scythe, it’s so well sculpted and painted. The transparent parts really do make it look so cool! Lovely butterflies and swirls on her dress! Had to show you her hair, it has tine pretty flowers in it! Her familiar Kotaru looks so adorable and comes with an awesome plastic attachment piece for him to hold onto her head! Even some sweet wings to help [...] Read More »


Kaname Madoka ~The Beginning Story / The Everlasting~

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There are some figures that need no introduction, this is one of them. Madoka is one of those characters that many can’t help but love. We’re all Homura’s deep down inside with a love of Madoka. Of course it’s easy when Madoka is standing before you looking so amazing as she does here. Her face, those eyes. They pierce right into your soul, letting you know her true wish isn’t just to be a magical girl but so much more. As usual our sculptors have gone above and beyond to bring you Madoka is a truer form, jumping up, ready to attack, yet with some hesitation in her movements. The truthfulness this figure has is something that is rare among [...] Read More »


The Adventures of Nendoroid Link: Pizza!

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The Adventures of Nendoroid Link continues! Today Link went and joined us for Pizza! But silly link, that’s only parmesan cheese!! I’m telling you there aren’t any rupees inside there! What did I say Link!? Now you’ve just made a mess! Better clean that up before Levi comes and yells at us! Now here comes our delicious pizza! But Link you’re supposed to eat it! Not attack it! Well I guess you can cut into the pizza with your sword, but really you should eat it with your hands Link. That’s it for today’s Adventures of Nendoroid Link! Stay tuned for next time to see what crazy antics Link gets into next time! -Mamitan <3


Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Halloween Ver.

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Now here is a Nendoroid that I am beyond excited for! I heard about the planning for her a while ago and we are really excited to bring her to you directly this October at Miku Expo and NYCC! When the package came in the mail of the Nendoroid Halloween Miku I was so excited to get photos of her out for you guys! I tried a few different styles of photos but it seems I still need some work on my technique. So sadly, this cool candlelit photo is the only one from this set that made it through. I must have freaked out my neighbors a bit to have them walk into a scene of me laying on [...] Read More »


figma Ryuko Matoi

| Figma, Max Factory

I promised you we’d take a look at figma Ryuko Matoi over on twitter @gsc_mamitan so for a special Saturday blog, here is figma Ryuko! I need to give figma much more love here so expect some more awesome figma coming in the future! One thing I truly love about the figma line is not only it’s poseability, but it’s versatility when it comes to posing! The joints are designed to give you a wide range of motion, but without taking away the human life movements that humans can replicate. Here is Ryuko doing the “Matrix dodge” as my friends call it! Plus the with the inclusion of the figma base pretty much any pose ais possible! One thing my friend [...] Read More »


Asuna -Knights of the Blood Ver.-

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It’s already friday! I’m looking forward to this weekend and catching up on some anime! I’m a bit behind on this current season but I plan on catching up on a particular second season of Sword Art Online! Today I wanted to take a look at my favorite character from SAO, Asuna and her Knights of the Blood uniform from the first season! Asuna is such an amazing character, she’s strong, self reliant and independent. Of course she also is the fastest with a sword in the game so she rises up the ranks really quickly! This action pose of Asuna ready to strike really reflects well on her character. The folds of her skirt, how it flows in the [...] Read More »


Phat Company Yoshino

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Can it really be considered a throwback thursday if she came out in January….? YEAH, I’ll allow it! Going through all the figures at the office there are some older ones I’ve never gotten the chance to show you! Of course I also want to go back and show some WAY older figures! Maybe next week? I actually have in my own personal collection some VERY old GSC and Max Factory figures so I think it’ll be fun to not only show off how great they still look compared to today’s figures. But also to show off how far we’ve come in the years since we started as Good Smile Company! Of course today’s figure is from Phat Company! We [...] Read More »