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Wanted to give you all a treat! During my recent trip to Japan for Summer Wonfes ’14 I was able to sneak out some photos of some prototypes to share with you! I bring you close ups of one of my favorite announcements from this Wonfes! Hatsune Miku – Tell Your World!

A quick word though, these images are of an early prototype and Miku is subject to change! Keep an eye on the website for more information on her release and her final look once she is ready for pre-order!

Based on the cover art for the LP of the popular song by Livetune. Miku here is a perfect rendition of this fantastic piece of artwork!



Want to check out the song?

I am the biggest sucker for a figure that looks exactly like the artwork and I feel our sculptors have really outdone themselves again!



The sweet and shy way that Miku brings her hair up to her mouth, MOE!


I love the flow of her hair and her skirt, it’s stunning and still mind boggling how our sculptors are able to replicate the design have it look so lifelike and real! Almost as if her skirt were once fabric waving in the wind!


The small details get me too! Like her delicate fingers and her classic Miku Green nails!

IMG_2730Don’t worry Miku, I’ll take you home with me!



No word yet on when Miku will come out for pre-order. As well these photos are of an early prototype release, like all figures shown at Wonfes, she’s subject to change until she is announced for pre-order! Keep an eye on Kahotan’s blog for more up to the date photos on her sculpt and release!

BTW! We’re going to be at Fan Expo in Canada next weekend! Make sure you come by and say hi! I’ll be there at the booth and I love chatting about figures so please come by and say hi!!! It’s my first time going to Canada so I’m very excited! Tell me in the comments where are some fun places to eat in Toronto!! 

-Mamitan <3



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  1. La

    Wow, Miku looks great! I don’t think I’m going to FanEx, but as a Torontonian I can help you with the food!

    You should stop by The Burger’s Priest! They have this vegetarian “option” where they stuff two mushroom caps with cheese. It’s delicious on top of a regular burger. Their website has a list of everything, plus a secret menu. Most of the secret menu’s a bit ridiculous though. I usually just order The Priest.

    Manpuku is good for cheap Japanese food. If you want something fancier, Guu Sakabar (not Guu Izakaya, which is their fancier, more expensive sister shop) and Don Don Izakaya are pretty good.

    And of course you have to get poutine if you’re in Canada. Poutini’s is the best for regular poutine, but Smoke’s Poutine has a million topping options.

    If Fan Expo has food trucks hanging around (Anime North did) get Gorilla Cheese is pretty tasty. They do fancy grilled cheese.

    If you want something sweet, Kekou Gelato is pretty good. They’re Asian-inspired gelato. Flavours like Red Bean White Chocolate, Vietnamese Coffee, Whiskey Green Tea, etc. We also have a gelato food truck now that’s supposed to be really good, but I’ve never encountered it. It’s called Bar Ape.

    Hope you enjoy Toronto!


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