Kill la Kill Last Episode Party!

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This last Thursday the last episode of Kill la Kill had finally aired. It’s a sad moment since I’m such a huge fan, but it was so much fun watching that I wanted to enjoy the last episode surrounded by friends! We decided to throw a Kill la Kill viewing party on Friday, that way we could make sure everyone could get off work and we could watch the episode on Crunchyroll with no problems and in HD!   The only way to have a proper party is to decorate and what best to decorate for a Kill la Kill party than with Mako! The theme was Mako Family Style Dinner! So I decorated the apartment with Mako and even [...] Read More »


Retro Wednesday – Max Factory Aoba

| Max Factory

It’s been a while since my last retro Wednesday post, and while Aoba isn’t that old since he was released back in April of last year I thought I’d take a closer look at a figure that I constantly get requests for a re-release! As a figure collector I’m sure we all have our regrets, I know I do. My regrets are from when I miss pre-ordering a figure and then wanting it so badly later! I originally didn’t order Aoba either, I didn’t know much about Dramatical Murder so I didn’t jump to order him. But we have one at the office and I just keep staring at him longingly each time i see him! He’s just so handsome! [...] Read More »