Winter Wonfes 2014 – Part 1

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This year’s first wonfes came by and has been simply fantastic! So many truly amazing figure announcements I was fangirling at our entire booth! Title of the post has a part -1 as there is still so much to show you! But I’ll give you a taste of some of the figure announcements that made me squeal in excitement! First up, Nendoroid Ryuko and Mako from Kill la Kill! I am positively obsessed with this series! If you have not had a chance to watch it I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO SO!



Also from Kill la Kill is Max Factory’s figma of Matoi Ryuko! During wonfes, multiple times I died from sheer excitement! Ok I’m highly exaggerating about dying, but I LOVE THIS FIGMA! Cannot wait to announce her pre-order! I’ll be first in line to pre-order!


From Bakemonogatari is Nendoroid Shinobu! So happy to see everyone’s favorite vampire getting a Nendoroid!



I’ve known about Nendoroid Link since we announced him last wonfes but seeing him in person is just amazing! I adore this Nendoroid design!



Nendoroid Alisa Illinichina Amiella from God Eater 2! She’s actually out for pre-order now!














Loli Sonico! <3 <3 <3



Grown up Sonico <3 <3 <3!!!



I’m so glad to finally be able to share photos of figma Iron Man! HE LOOKS SO AMAZING!!! KYAAA



Last for this post is a figure that my poor heart skipped a beat when I saw her in person. Red Riding Hood Miku is by far my all time personal favorite Miku design ever! Max Factory is bringing it to life and I can not wait to not only see her painted but to be able to hit he button for pre-order! I as well for this will be first in line! Will you be there with me?

What other items from this year’s wonfes to do want to see? I’ve got a TON of photos to go through so I’m breaking up the coverage! Expect tons more information and releases on wonfes goodies right here!

-Mamitan <3


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