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Today in my adventures in Japan I visited the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa. Went to visit to wish for a happy future and a good trip here in Japan. So far it’s been amazing! I’ve had great food with great friends, and I love spending time with my Japanese Co-workers! I love this time I get to come to Japan and visit with the people who work so hard to make all these amazing figures come to life!


But today I’m not here to talk about Japan, I’m here to talk about figma Snow Miku! Boy it’s been cold here in Japan! I’m told tomorrow it will snow! I’m actually very nervous about snow, being from Southern California I don’t experience snow EVER!


I keep going off topic! >_< Well figma Snow Miku is just so amazing! I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said!


I’m so happy she finally got made! Each year we’ve been making Nendoroid Snow Miku and the figma line has had no love in that regard! I’m so glad to see Snow Miku get the figma treatment!


figma Snow Miku, has 3 different faces to choose from and it’s just too hard to pick only one! I’m going to have to get 3 of these to be figma to be able to display her with each face!


Her Nyan Nyan hands are awesome, I LOVE NYAN NYAN HANDS!!!


figma Snow Miku will be sold just like Nendoroid Snow Miku! She’ll be available for sale at Wonfes but for those who can’t come to Japan this weekend, she’ll be going on sale at the Good Smile Company Online Shop after the event! Remember, this will be THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN ORDER HER!

I know in the past we’ve brought exclusive items to events like Anime Expo, and Anime Central. However there is no guarantee that we’ll have Miku at these events, even if we do our stock will be very very VERY limited! So I urge you, if you do want this figma, place your order when pre-orders are open! You don’t have to pay for your order until the item is ready to ship, shipping is scheduled for July!

Also some great news, for fans in the United States and Canada, if you order over 10,000 yen on the Good Smile Company Online Shop for wonfes items you’ll get FREE SHIPPING! Yep! So get all the amazing wonfes exclusive items you’ve been eyeing! Don’t miss out!

-Mamitan <3

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    • Sugi

      Well, Nendoroid Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune are actually made by Phat! Company. However, yep, I get your point rerdaging the Mini Ika-musume. There are no Petit written on the info board. The set could be simply trading figures set.


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