Shinobu Oshino Re-Release!

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Shinobu (1)
Someone’s getting a release!! I get messages from fans all over the world since part of my job is to let our head office in Japan know what items fans want. So when we were getting constant messages from fans about wanting a re-release a Shinobu you guys all had a part in that release!

I’m happy to showcase this amazing figure to you guys! Remember you can pre-order her now at the Good Smile Company Online Shop!
Shinobu (2)
Shinobu is a figure that I got long before I started my work with GSC and I’m happy that I’m able to use one from my own collection to show off for the Mamitan Blog! As for her background I wanted to use donuts but earlier today I went and bought conchas! Conchas are a Mexican sweet bread that I ADORE! If you ever have a chance to try one do so as they are AMAZING!
Shinobu (3)
While it’s not donuts I felt the Conchas looked really cute with Shinobu and what a better way to display her that surrounded by sweets!
Shinobu (4)
Shinobu is just so cute and and really an amazing figure, from every angle she is just perfect!!
Shinobu (5)
Shinobu’s base is also amazing! She’s sitting on a pile of donuts but also her base includes small character details from the other girls in the series! Can you spot them all?
Shinobu (6)
I spot cat ears!!
Shinobu (7)
You can also take off her helmet if you like, but I like her with the helmet more!
Shinobu (8)

Shinobu (9)

Shinobu (1)

Shinobu is an amazing figure and those who are fans of the series really should do their best to get her! As for this release, in Japan she’s only available at the Good Smile Company Online Shop, then she’ll be available in various partner shops around the world. But to guarantee you’ll get her I highly recommend the GSC Online Shop!

-Mamitan <3


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