Nendoroid Photo Contest! – Halloween Theme!

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Some Great news! Good Smile Company US is holding a Nendoroid Photo Contest! This contest’s theme will be HALLOWEEN!! With tons of great prizes and some really creative fans we’re looking forward to seeing what amazing designs and photos you submit! Here are all our our categories for the contest! Rules and how to submit can be seen at the end of the post!


Best Composition (Prize Nendoroid Chariot) – For all of our budding photographers out there, this goes to the photo that has the best photographic composition. Use of special effects is highly encouraged! However don’t feel that if your skills aren’t up to par you won’t be accepted into the category, we’ll take effort into consideration! *Note the prize is Nendoroid Chariot, she does not need to be used for this category


Best Idea (Prize Nendoroid Miku 2.0) – To open up our contest to all our fans, not just the professional photographers this award goes to the best and most thought out photo idea. Do you only have an old camera to take the photo with? Still submit it! You’ll be eligible for this category! *Note the prize is Nendoroid Miku 2.0, She does not need to be used for this Category.


Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

Cutest Photo (Prize Nendoroid Kaito) – This is easy, does your photo make our staff squeal in delight from the cuteness it’s exuding? You’re in luck! This category will not be judged based on photography skill but on Nendoroid pose and styling. *Note the prize is Nendoroid Kaito, He does not need to be used for this Category.



Funniest Photo (Prize Nendoroid Luka) – Another easy one! Does your photo make us roll around on the floor dying of laughter? You’re in luck! This category will not be judged based on photography skill but on Nendoroid pose and styling. *Note the prize is Nendoroid Luka, She does not need to be used for this Category.



Spookiest Photo (Prize Nendoroid Gackpo Kamui) – A great and fun category, does your photo make us have a chill through our spine? You’re in luck! This category will not be judged based on photography skill but on Nendoroid pose and styling. *Note the prize is Nendoroid Gackpo Kamui, He does not need to be used for this Category.


Staff Overall Favorite (Prize Nendoroid Colossal Titan and Attack Set) - The last category is Staff Overall Favorite. All Entries will be judged by GSC Staff, however this award will go to our overall favorite photo from the entire set! *Note the prize is Nendoroid Colossal Titan and Attack set, this set does not need to be used for this Category.


How to Enter! You have from NOW until November 2nd Midnight PDT to enter! 

It’s simple, you have three ways of entering our contest! Entering you photos in all three ways is highly encouraged but not necessary.

1.) Like our Facebook Page and submit the photo to our wall. It’s simple, just head to the page and click Photo/Video. Upload it with the tag #GSCHalloweenContest!

Upload photo

2.) Follow me on Twitter! and tweet the photo to me with the hashtag #GSCHalloweenContest!

3.) Follow the Good Smile Company US Tumblr and submit the photo to our tumblr wall.

tumblr submit photo




-The photo must be your own, if you already have a Halloween themed photo you’ve created in the past you may submit it but please link to where you may have posted it originally. Be it your blog, Flickr, DeviantArt, MyFigureCollection,, etc.

-You may include handmade/store bought props.

-You may include figma and scaled GSC figures, but please do not use non-GSC related figures. To be sure which figures are alright to use, if it’s listed on our site, you can use it. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on any of the platforms used for submitting your photos.

-You may submit as many entries as possible, however you can only win once. So if you win for Funniest you’re not eligible for Cutest and so on.

-All photos will be judged by GSC Staff, since this is our first contest run by the US team we will not be including a fan favorite, however do your best to support others who have entered by retweeting, reblogging and liking all entries you enjoy!

-During the contest period I (Mamitan) will be sharing posts on all the forms of the contest, if you photo is not shared do not fret you are still in the running for the contest. As well if your photo is shared it does not mean a guaranteed win.

-While the contest is Halloween based, please refrain from submitting photos of Nendoroid being damaged or harmed in anyway. Think Pumpkins, Ghosts, Goblins, Trick or Treating and Candy!

-No purchase is necessary

-The contest is open to a worldwide audience!

-Have Fun!


I look forward to seeing everyone’s awesome photos!

33 Responses to “Nendoroid Photo Contest! – Halloween Theme!”

  1. Julieta

    Can we use some photoshop for maybe change the nendoroid expression a bit? Like adding the typical water drop or the 3 lines, or ghost normal symbol we can see in anime in the nendoroids faces to cheer the scene or we can add that but “via real life craft” only? Thanks!

  2. fanny

    I don’t have tumblr but i have facebook and twitter :( will percentage of winning decrease?

  3. Kila-ibyao

    I submitted a few images to tumblr. Did we have to include a method of contact as well? :’c I did not.

    • Mamitan

      You can if you like, but we’ll message via the platform that was submitted, otherwise winners will be posted online after the contest has ended!

  4. Shiro

    Must we have all Facebook , tmblr and twitter account to join this contest ? And the winners will be based on votes or judges ? I can’t wait to join this!! :3

    • Mamitan

      It’s open to all 3 forms of social media platforms. You don’t have to use all 3, just use what you have. The judging will be done by GSC staff.

  5. genkikid

    Rule 7 “please refrain from submitting photos of Nendoroid being damaged or harmed in anyway” does this mean if I want to make zombie nendoroid, I cannot remove a body part?

  6. bliss

    Can we create a new halloween inspired outfit for them? But still make it know what character they are?

    • Mamitan

      The character they are is not necessary for the contest. As long as you use Nendoroids as the focus and the photo is your own feel free to be creative in making Nendoroid costumes!

  7. Saber

    Can we use Petite Nendoroids as the focus of the photo, or does it have to be a full-size Nendoroid?

  8. Nikiptc18

    Augh, I’m figuring somebody’s better with Facebook than I am? I’m trying to put multiple pictures in one post but it won’t let me. Do I have to make a bunch of different posts to post more than one entry?

    • Nikiptc18

      Okay, so I found out that you can only post one picture per post on someone else’s timeline. I have a lot of entries, so is it okay if I just post them to #GSCHalloweenContest ?

      • Mamitan

        as long as they are posted in the methods shown on this post then your entry will be accepted. If not we won’t find your entry.

    • Mamitan

      during the following week, we plan on announcing the winners the weekend of 9th and 10th of November. But it might take longer due to the sheer amount of entries!

  9. Inamura

    I want to use a public domain image from Wiki Commons as a backdrop for my photo entry. Is that okay? Or do I need to draw it by hand?

  10. Call of Mini Hunter

    Heya just wanted to giive yoou a brief heads upp and let youu knw a few of the images aren’t loading
    correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a lnking issue.
    I’ve tried it in twoo different browsers and both show the
    same outcome.


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