Nendoroid More Dress Up: Pajamas

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Every once in awhile we get to tease you guys with images of concepts we have of cool things we plan to make in the future. We’ve got a great blog by some of our Japan team The Gussuma Labs blog. They call it Gussuma as it’s short for Good Smile (I love Japanese English!) But our team was awesome enough to send over some ideas to me to share with you guys for those not able to read their blog since it’s in Japanese!!

o0500037012672245452One of their first ideas I’m really in love with!┬áNendoroid More Dress Up: Pajamas! How amazing is that!?!?! To be able to dress up any Nendoroid is adorable Pajamas is amazing! It’s great since there are so few Nendoroids that actually have pajamas!

We had made one I remember of in the past! Lovely Akihime Sumomo from the game and TV series Nanatsuhiro Drops. This one was a limited edition that came with a DS game! I remember trying to track her down years ago and her sleeping face is one of my favorite Nendoroid faces to date!!

o0500030012672245454We’re already setting out variations of colors we can sell them in which would fit your Nendoroids distinct personality! I want them in every color and pattern!

o0450050012672245453Check out this awesome concept with a Nendoroid style face using the Gussuma Lab Blog Mascot! I’d love to not only see these awesome Pajamas made but also I want a Nendoroid of the mascot too!

I love these concepts, they’re still in the planning stages so obviously things are subject to change. But it’s something I’d totally get as my favorite part about Nendoroids is the ability to mix and match! If I can add my two cents I’d love to have versions with patterns, such as a Miku version that has leeks for Miku Nendoroids! Or one with kitties, lions, puppies, frogs or even bears! What do you guys think?

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7 Responses to “Nendoroid More Dress Up: Pajamas”

  1. Chorvaqueen

    I’m looking forward to this actually and also hoping GSC would consider creating “extra parts” for certain releases like the angel form-costume of Panty and Stocking, or maybe popular modules/costumes of Vocaloid characters.

  2. Larein

    Ooooo! I think it’s a neat idea! I was just thinking I would want some outfits for my Nendoroids, instead of taking them from other ones. It’s fun to switch outfits but, I feel like my Nendos are always cosplaying when I switch them! ‘XD

    Also, Gussuma Mascot is cute! Does she have a name?

  3. Soynuts

    I love the idea! Especially the patterns. A firetruck pattern for elsie would be totally awesome. Of course more generic patterns like sakura flowers would be nice too.

    Small stuffed toys would be great too, especially if they matched the pajama pattern. Such as a small lion to go with a lion pattern.

  4. Chyanne

    I think that it’s awesome too see that they are making these, though I do hope that they will be compatible with both new and old nendoroids. I’d love to see my Yuki Nagato in pajamas.

  5. Kotone

    We definitely absolutely need the blue titan pajamas for the Attack on Titan characters and extra parts to make (hopefully in production) Levi taking a cute selfie ovo


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