Anime Expo Sales: The Scales

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Today we’re announcing our stock list for Anime Expo 2013! To help you know what you wish to purchase and how much to bring! We will be accepting Cash as well as Debit and Credit cards at the event to better help you make your purchase. All prices have tax already included to save you the trouble! Let’s get to it!

First up is Ultimate Madoka! We’ll have a very limited stock and we will sell only 1 per day, to give fans who can’t come on the first day a chance to purchase her. She’ll be priced at $170 so please do come early to our booth to pick up your Godoka!

Next from the popular game Metroid, we have Samus Aran, in her lovely Zero Suit! She’ll be priced at $85.


From Fate/Zero comes Max Factory’s new refined version of Saber and Kiritsugu,

Kiritsugu will be $85
Saber will be $60

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
World is Mine Miku, priced at $100

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

Shiki Ryougi Garannodou, priced at $80

Sayaka Miki, Movie Version $90


Akemi Homura You Are Not Alone Ver. $100


Rin Tohsaka Yukata Ver. $100


Last but not least, Love is War Miku, $160. Just like Ultimate Madoka, we have a very limited stock so please do come by early.

Also added note. For the Super Limited items such as Ultimate Madoka and Love is War Miku, we will not be selling these items before opening of the Exhibit hall. We will not allow exhibitors to line up before regular/premium badge holders to the event. We do our best to make sure that the fans get first choice of our merchandise at our events. This is why we bring them to you at such low prices! For the rest of items we do have limited stock. Not as limited as LIW Miku and Ulti Madoka, so do please come early to be able to purchase yours! We hope to see you at Anime Expo this weekend!

-Mamitan <3

13 Responses to “Anime Expo Sales: The Scales”

  1. Otacon

    What booth # are you guys for AX? I’ll be going on Saturday only. Really want that Samus figure. ♥

  2. Eric

    So premier fans could still get in line to buy the limited ones right? Before it opens for regular badge holders?

  3. Switch

    I’m glad I already own a Love is War, although I spent twice as much for it since they sold out during the original sale :-p It’s an amazing piece, congrats to whoever is lucky enough to purchase it.

  4. Tyler Williams

    How many of the Saber and Shiki do you have in stock? Would you say they would sell out after the first 2 days?

    • Mamitan

      I can’t give you a solid number, but I can you it’s a limited stock so try and come early to secure yours!

  5. Christian

    Excuse me,
    How can I get the premium badge holders?
    Moreover, the love is war miku is the DX ver right?


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