Sakura Miku at Anime Expo

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At Anime Expo 2013 we’ll be having our first official Good Smile Company booth! We’re bringing all sorts of amazing goodies including these adorable Sakura Miku exclusive items each sold separately. These were originally only available at the Good Smile Cafe in Japan but we’re bringing them out to you for Anime Expo!


Coming along with Nendoroid Sakura Miku for sale at Anime Expo are these adorable Sakura Miku clear files! Store your important papers with style! These highly exclusives items will be available only at the Good Smile Company booth at Anime Expo! It’s a set of 3, so for one price you all 3 three!


Last but not least is this cute Sakura Miku tote bag! Again, another original Good Smile Cafe exclusive that you’ll only find at the Good Smile Company booth at Anime Expo 2013! Make sure you stop by as we’ll be announcing more amazing figures and more you can get at Anime Expo! Have you registered for your 4 day badge yet? You still have time before you have to pay full price at the door! Head on over to the Anime Expo Registration page for more info!


-Mamitan <3

15 Responses to “Sakura Miku at Anime Expo”

  1. Swoax

    This is a sad day for a broke unemployed person not being able to get to anime expo.


  2. Alexis

    Do you guys know the prices for them? I’m going to AX (on day 2 aw ye), but can only afford to bring a little money, so it’d help to know how much to bring … Definitely getting the clear files either way tho, ’cause they’re so cute and because school is soon !!

  3. Alexis

    You guys never said how much it was boooo

    Well, I’m probably going to get the cute clear files anyways. See you guys tomorrow <3

  4. Alyssa

    Oh jeeze I didn’t see the tote bag and files at the booth when I picked up my Sakura Miku! v_v Did GSC sell out?

      • Alyssa

        Aw man, I bet it was lol! That’s cool though, I’m glad to have known it was available to buy nonetheless! I only went on Day 3 so it was probably long sold out. I’m still extremely happy with Sakura Miku. I had no clue she was going to be there for sale so being able to buy the exclusive Miku as well as Sakura Miku made my day! =)

        I’m still beyond excited that GSC had a booth at AX this year and I can’t wait to see them again! I’m a firm supporter and fan so anytime I can buy direct from them (be it in person or online shop), I most definitely will. =)


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