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During Anime Central those who were lucky enough to come got a chance to see Nendoroid Mikudayo in person! After the event I got to take her for a bit and play around with her before her official release! She’s a cutie pie! I always get asked “What’s your favorite figure?” and it’s always the hardest question to answer. But lately I feel like I can confidently say it’s Mikudayo!


I was even lucky enough to meet Mikudayo in person along with wooser at the last Winter Wonfes 2013!


Since its Mikudayo she doesn’t come with many option parts but really you don’t need many when playing with her! She has an extra hand to give you a lollipop! The lollipop is based on actual Japanese candy! For a while in japan they sold them with Mikudayo on the bag! I don’t remember their name off the top of my head but they are very yummy and iconic Japanese candy!



With limited option parts instead of giving you extra hands we’ve made Mikudayo’s arms very posable! To recreate true Mikudayo she doesn’t bend her arms but simply waves them around! Here she just wants to give you a big hug!





Mikudayo can even direct traffic for you!


To give Mikudayo her iconic look of a large head without making her head too large they made her cheeks rounder and a little wider. Mikudayo on the left with Saber’s angry face on the right. You can see the hollowed out portion to have her head fit perfectly on her body!



Nendoroid Mikudayo will be coming into your homes soon! If you haven’t had a chance to order her check out our partner shops to place an order!

-Mamitan <3




3 Responses to “Nendoroid Mikudayo”

  1. Tian

    You know, she actually could pass for one of those airport landing strip traffic controllers. Instead of one of those light wands, she can use the lollipop!

    Will Mikudayo’s face pieces be swappable with other Nendos? Or does the difference at the neck joint make it awkward?

    • Mamitan

      It’s a little awkward due to the hollow point on her face plate. Here she is with Saber’s Face and here she is with Yukata Miku‘s face. They fit but it sits strangely on the head. You’d have to adjust her neck to get it at a sweet spot.


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