Ultimate Madoka Figma Fan Reviewed!

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Madoka 1

So this whole week I’ve been asking you guys on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook for photos of your Ultimate Madoka figma and your thoughts on her! I bet you’ve been wondering what I was going to do with all those amazing photos! Well I’m starting something new here on the Mamitan blog! Instead of me doing the review, I’m leaving it up to you guys! These are your photos! These are your words! Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop doing reviews. I thought this might be a fun way to have more interaction with you guys! Everyone who submitted a photo is included in this post! I’ll let you guys know who I choose for the fan review so you guys can join in on the fun! So Let’s get started!

First up the first photo you see is from Tumblr user CrescendoComplex.

“My favorite thing about her is the way the white portions of her gown have a pink and purple glow, it’s almost ethereal, haunting even.”

I couldn’t agree more! Ultimate Madoka needed to have that energy about her, the heavenly feel and next to other figmas you can just feel her presence. It’s not just in her size, but also in her overall feel. I love this photo too as combined with Figma Madoka in her Magical Girl wear it feels like Madoka reaching out to her own future!

Madoka 2

Next from Twitter @kolezan says:

“Ultimate Madoka figma, the most beautiful figma to date!”

Totally biased but I couldn’t agree more! Madoka is a favorite series of mine and seeing this stunning Figma has been just wonderful to see what the creative team at Max Factory truly can accomplish! But I know they’ll be topping themselves soon enough with more amazing figmas!

Madoka 3

Next from Facebook we had a bunch of submissions! First we have from Andrew Ortega.

“Amazing :)”

I think this one word truly says it all.

Madoka 4

“Figma Ultimate Madoka is [a] posable dream making use of lovely paints and joints allowing the owner to recreate their Goddess in the way they like ! :)” – Len SD

She really is a dream when coming to her posability. So many possibilities and ways to display her make this one figure to versatile!

Madoka 5

“The longer I look at her, the prettier she gets. :)” -Andrew Yu

So true Andrew!

Madoka 6

Grace Leung from Facebook shows her off along with the 1/8th Scale of Ultimate Madoka!

“Want to double the ultimate? Double the Madoka.”

Madoka 7

Revolution Boi who shows off all three has a different opinion.

“To be honest, I almost like the Nendoroid more.”

We all have our preferences, but it’s nice to have the whole set as you do! They look so lovely together!

Madoka 8

“Ultimate Madoka is probably one of my favorite figmas. She’s just so beautiful!” -Andy Alex Castellanos

Currently she’s my favorite too!

Madoka 9
Last but not least

“Ultimate Madoka was my first figma ever, and I have to say, I love her! This photo was one of the first right after unboxing her” -Derina Chou

She’s a wonderful figma to start a figma collection! Thanks to everyone who submitted photos! I’ll do this again soon! If you have a website, twitter, tumblr or facebook you’d like me to link along with your photos send those over as well! Want to pick up your own Ultimate Madoka? Check out any one of our partner shops here!

-Mamitan <3

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  1. Tian

    kolezan’s is really cool! This is a very impressive figma indeed. It packs a ton of detail even by figma standards. Looking forward to the next fan review!

  2. Grace Leung

    I didn’t expect this to be posted on your blog! But OHMYGOODNESS the joy of finding my photo here is overwhelming.

    Thank you! :D


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