Mamitan Reddit AMA on /r/Anime

| Event, Good Smile Company

Hey guys, so tomorrow, Thursday May 9th at 7:30pm PST I’ll do doing a Reddit AMA. For those not familiar with Reddit, it’s a site where people post links other posts, but people can vote either up or down each link/post depending on whether they like it or not. Now one of the coolest parts about Reddit is how you can have your own SubReddit, it’s a smaller version of Reddit as a whole but dedicated to one topic. There are a few anime related communities on reddit, I personally love /r/AnimeFigures/r/Doctorwho and /r/aww. Now on Reddit there are things called AMA or Ask Me Anything. People who maybe have an interesting story, life or even celebrities go on to talk to people and answer their questions! It’s a great way for people to interact with someone and ask questions they might not get to do on a daily basis.

Well the kind moderators over at /r/Anime have invited me to do an AMA on their subreddit to talk about Good Smile Company! If you don’t already have an account you can sign up now and join in on the fun tomorrow! I’ll be starting it up at around 6:30pm tomorrow, May 9th 2013 to give everyone a chance to ask their questions and I’ll jump on at 7pm to start answering questions! I look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow!


-Mamitan <3



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