Sakura Con 2013

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This past weekend was Sakura con up in Seattle, I went to check out the event and get some photos for you guys. however something happened with my Memory card and some of the files are corrupted. So not many photos :( The event takes place in early Spring each year up in Seattle, Washington. It’s a fan favorite event and the big thing this year was Sword Art Online.

One of the guests at the convention was Reki Kawahara, creator of Sword Art online. There was a panel but due to some scheduling complications I missed the majority of it. :(

While walking around there were tons of cosplayers! Spotted from Black Rock Shooter cosplays!

This Dead Master looked fabulous! Love the huge scythe!

However one of my favorite moments of the convention was the Sword Art Online cosplay contest hosted by Crunchyroll’s Victoria and some of their cosplay ambassadors! The panel was not only funny but the judging was great! The top prizes didn’t just go to the best costumes but the fans most dedicated to the series! The questions were along the lines of “why did you cosplay this character?” and fans who had a stronger emotional tie, and deeper reasons to want to cosplay the character were rewarded just as greatly as fans who came in with the most AMAZING ARMOR! It was fun, but overall I felt it was fair to all who came and participated! If you go to an event where Crunchyroll is having a cosplay contest, I highly suggest to attend if only to watch the contest as there were many laughs to be had! I hope to do more panels/events like this for our fans too in the future!

-Mamitan <3

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  1. Narmi

    The SAO cosplay contest was hilarious, especially with the crossplay Yui. Ha ha ha.

    I am surprised I didn’t spot you at Kawahara’s Q&A and the cosplay contest. Even though we were in the same room at both times.

    • Mamitan

      I missed most of the Q&A sadly, I walked in on the last second. I was sitting next to the Yui during the cosplay contest and was so happy to see this HUGE guy cosplaying as Yui! I also was laughing so hard when he mentioned how Kirito and Asuna pretty much kidnapped Yui.


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