Tokyo International Anime Festival 2013!

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This past weekend in Japan was Tokyo International Anime Festival. It takes place at Tokyo Big Site and while I wasn’t able to attend myself this year, our awesome International Team sent us all these great photos of the set up as well as the booth space itself!


Also with Sponsorships now open for Good Smile Racing 2013 open they had the Car and the Bike out on display!


More of our team making sure all the figures that will be on display are ready, cleaned and posed just right for their moment to shine!


A better close up of the hood of the new car design! I always am a huge fan of the Miku design. It’s such an interesting outfit for me and I’m excited to see more images and more figures of her too!


Here is out booth all set up and ready to show. TAF is usually set up of multiple days, an industry day where you need to be a member of the animation industry to enter, and a public day where anyone can come in! Most of the photos are from the industry days to give you a better shot of the booth space. While the space is large it doesn’t compare to the massive layout for Wonfes!


Four our booth set up we teamed up with Ultra Super Pictures! We’ve worked on many titles together such as Black Rock Shooter, Little Witch Academia, Wooser’s Hand-To-Mouth Life and many more!


Ultra Super Pictures is acutally the main umbrella company over 4 different animation studios! Each have created some of the most amazing anime! There is Sanzigen, Ordet, Trigger and Liden Films!


Some of the figures we have on display at TAF!


I’m a huge fan of the latest Petite Nendoroid set, Hatsune Miku Selection! But I also am a huge fan of the 1//8 Mikudayo! I think when I get my own I’ll need to make her a sash just like this Mikdayo has!


Last but not least, on display was Deep Sea Miku, she’s overgone a few changes here and there from the last time we saw her at wonfes. I’m excited to finally see her painted! What figure are you most excited to see in the upcoming months?

-Mamitan <3


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  1. Hikari

    To be honest, this has nothing to do with this concept but, i was thinking if maybe you can make an area for people to post their requests on Figma, Nendoroid, ect. My request would be “Pandora Hearts” and “Soul Eater” Please Reply back to my E-mail or Notifi me somehow about your reply ^^
    Thank You for your time!


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