Nendoroid Sakura Miku

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While in Japan I was lucky enough to pick up one of these adorable Nendoroids at the Good Smile Company Office. Sakura Miku was a Good Smile Company Online exclusive, so sadly unless you ordered her online or happen to be in Japan and can stop by the Good Smile Tetsujin Cafe there aren’t any retail stores that should carry her. However please be very weary when purchasing her online from sites like eBay as this Miku has an interesting history.

Sakura Miku actually started out as a small key chain design for an event in Japan. She was quite popular and fans really begged for a full Nendoroid version but it didn’t get made for many years.

What then happened was bootleggers actually made their own Sakura Miku Nendoroid, however the quality wasn’t good, and since it was a bootleg you also have a risk of them using toxic paints to paint the nendoroid.

Eventually Good Smile announced a real version, that you now see before you. I’m very glad she finally got an official release and love the option parts that are included. My favorites being the green pillows, the onigiri, as well as two options for her hair accessories. You can either have her with Cherries in her hair, or Sakura Blossom headphones!

This sad face is so adorable and sweet, don’t you just want to reach out and hug her!

Oh yes Miku, I’ll take your flower!

If you ordered Sakura Miku, please send me your photos once she arrives! I love fan photos, bonus points for mixing and matching other nendoroids you own to create interesting photos! As well for those who didn’t order her, if you get a chance to stop by the Good Smile Tetsujin Cafe you can pick her up, otherwise keep up to date on events we’ll be attending. I’ll do my best to bring a stock of her with me for sale! Also please forgive the graininess of these photos. I just moved and my lighting setup isn’t perfect just yet. Do you have any tips for better photos?

-Mamitan <3

17 Responses to “Nendoroid Sakura Miku”

  1. Albertto T.

    cute, but i hate the crying face, love the sitting pose. too bad can’t get this nendoroid in hand :| please come to indonesia and bring her with sale label :D also should do a trick to hide the base in photos :D

  2. Fai Fung

    Looking at the blog with the Sakura Miku, I can’t wait until she arrives. It would go great with Yukata Miku and Hatsune Miku #33.

  3. Philip S

    Ahh! I missed preordering her back in September because I was thinking to myself that I had too many Miku nendoroids. Now I completely regret missing out! I hope I can pick her up at a convention this year.

  4. Deanna!

    I’ve been loving the pictures I’ve seen of her around, she looks great! And I never knew about her backstory, that’s pretty cool.

    Maybe for the photos you can try to edit them so the colors show off a little more? I think they would look a bit better if the colors popped more!

  5. William Silva

    Aww she is so cute! Sakura Miku is definitly one of my favorites. To bad I missed out on the preorder :( .

  6. William Silva

    Do you know or have heard any rumors on GSC or any other figure company making a 1/7 or similar scale Sakura Miku?

  7. ShuSakurai

    pre ordered her and will be getting her real soon she’s officially my very first nendoroid so i’m excited to make a photoshoot just for her! :3

  8. Katsuboy

    Great figure. I have one and another on its way (by accident). I’d love to share a photo or two of her with you Mamitan…though, I don’t know how :(

  9. Sukirai

    I really love the cherry hair accessories; they really help complete the outfit. c:

  10. hykyit

    Hi! I am in Tokyo right now and I just came back from the good smile cafe on Akiba. I tried to ask for the Nendoroid Sakura Miku but somehow I think she apologizes to me for it even though there were still stock for it, plus my Japanese isn’t that good.. Is there any condition to buy it? I’ll be back in Tokyo in few days soon before I return so I am looking forward to your reply!

    • Mamitan

      Let me ask if they are still in stock of her or not. I’m currently in the USA so I don’t know Good Smile Cafe policies at the moment.

      • hykyit

        Thanks! When I asked for it, there was only one box left but after eating in the cafe, I saw them taking out many more boxes so there’s probably still stocks left. Or do I need to eat in the good smile cafe in order to buy it? Thanks a lot again!!

        • Mamitan

          You shouldn’t have to eat in the cafe to purchase it but it doesn’t hurt. However I’m told they are still selling them and should still have some in stock.

  11. hykyit

    Alright I’ll try my luck again in the coming days. Thanks for the reply! Keep up the great blog!!


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