Mamitan in Sakura Con

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Hey guys, a quick post for you! I’m in Sakura Con! I’m walking around just talking to fans and having a grand old time! If you do see me stop by, say hi! I’ll be relatively easy to spot, I’ll be wearing my Good Smile Staff shirt that I’ve worn before (it’s Black with the Good Smile Logo on the back, hard to miss!) Or the Good Smile Hoodie we got from Wonfes this past February! Otherwise there is a Bushiroad Room in the Sheraton, on the 3rd floor in the Ravenna room. Stop by as I might be hanging out with my buddies from Desu Nation playing same Weiss Schwarz! I’ll post more photos from the event on Monday, for [...] Read More »


Retro Wednesday: Figma Kirino Kousaka & Kuroneko

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For Retro Wednesday this week we have two more Figmas! This time it’s Figma Kirino Kousaka and Kuroneko from the popular series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai which translates to My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute. But to make things easier we’ll refer to it how most fans call it, Oreimo. Now I’m sure i’m going to get the comments, “This isn’t retro! Oreimo isn’t old!” Well for Retro Wednesday it’s not all about “old” figures and series but figures we’ve created over a year ago. My goal is to show you some figures you maybe didn’t know existed! So let’s get started! First up is Kirino! She’s the main character in the series Oreimo. A [...] Read More »


Tokyo International Anime Festival 2013!

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This past weekend in Japan was Tokyo International Anime Festival. It takes place at Tokyo Big Site and while I wasn’t able to attend myself this year, our awesome International Team sent us all these great photos of the set up as well as the booth space itself! Also with Sponsorships now open for Good Smile Racing 2013 open they had the Car and the Bike out on display! More of our team making sure all the figures that will be on display are ready, cleaned and posed just right for their moment to shine! A better close up of the hood of the new car design! I always am a huge fan of the Miku design. It’s such an [...] Read More »


Racing Miku 2013, Good Smile Racing Sponsorships are open!

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Racing Miku 2013 is now out for pre-order! Like all the Racing Miku Nendoroids the only way to get her is to become a sponsor of Good Smile Racing! By becoming a sponsor you have different tiers of sponsorship available to you! In the photos here however these are the past Racing Miku Sponsorship Nendoroids! Racing Miku 2011 and 2012 version! While photos of the prototype of Racing Miku aren’t out yet you can be certain she’ll be just as cute if not cuter than there two versions! Each version also comes with it’s own car and a set of decals you can use to decorate the car yourself! It’s really easy too! I am normally terrible at lining things up but [...] Read More »


Retro Wednesday: Lucky Star Winter Figma Set

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Something I want to try on you guys is a weekly post (or semi weekly) called Retro Wednesday, where I’ll do a mini review of some “older” Good Smile Company and Family releases. Being that we’re located in the US I’d like to change things up a bit and show you guys some of our older catalog items. How they’ve stood the test of time and also maybe show you something we have that you didn’t even know existed! This week we’ll take a look at the original Lucky Star set released back in 2008, now I say “set” but they were each sold separately. Being a fan of Lucky Star I was excited to get these figmas when they were [...] Read More »


AX Live x Desu-Nation’s St Patrick’s Cosplay Event

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This past weekend was AX Live and Desu Nation’s St. Patrick’s Day Cosplay Event! We came in to help out with giveaways and I also did a quick figure collecting panel. We opened it up to questions and answers but I realize, I talk so fast I finished the panel topics I had prepared so quickly! >_< I need a little more work on my panel preparations! There was a huge turnout and the store would be packed most times throughout the whole day! Many people came up to chat with us and I was pleased to find some dedicated fans! We gave out Good Smile Company Stickers too! Terry, the shop owner at Desu Nation has some awesome plushies [...] Read More »


Figure Giveaways and Sales at Desu Nation!

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This weekend at Desu Nation, a card shop in Temple City, California. AX Live and Desu Nation are holding a Cosplay event! I’ll be there to host a figure collecting panel at 2pm as well as to give away some amazing Good Smile Company Figures! Including this lovely 2013 Snow Miku!! To win these amazing figure is easy! Just show up and fill out one of our survey cards and at the end of the event we’ll pick one winner for each prize! We’re even giving away this Wonfes Homura figure! Gackpo is also up for grabs! Rin and Saber will also be there, not only to cheer you on but also as a prize for giveaway! Plus you don’t [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Sakura Miku

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While in Japan I was lucky enough to pick up one of these adorable Nendoroids at the Good Smile Company Office. Sakura Miku was a Good Smile Company Online exclusive, so sadly unless you ordered her online or happen to be in Japan and can stop by the Good Smile Tetsujin Cafe there aren’t any retail stores that should carry her. However please be very weary when purchasing her online from sites like eBay as this Miku has an interesting history. Sakura Miku actually started out as a small key chain design for an event in Japan. She was quite popular and fans really begged for a full Nendoroid version but it didn’t get made for many years. What then happened was [...] Read More »


Hello World! My name is Mamitan!

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I’m really happy to introduce myself and my new Official Good Smile Blog! First, let me introduce myself! I’ve been collecting figures for many years now, starting off with small trading figures then moving onto larger scaled figures. I’ve had this passion for so long and have truly been a fan of all sorts of figurines! I started blogging online about my passion to help spread the word of figure collecting, and through blogging I met many people within the fandom! Then that led to me meeting Aki-san, president of Good Smile Company and me working with this amazing company! I truly am honored to be able to work with such an amesome company and work on something I truly [...] Read More »