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Figure JAPAN: Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku Edition

| Good Smile Company, Scaled Figure

I love figure magazines! I’ve collected them for quite some time and even found some older ones from years before I ever got into figure collecting! It’s also fun to see what everyone is making and looking back and seeing what was the height of figure collecting at certain times. Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan This new line of magazines that come with a bonus figure,Figure JAPAN created by Hobby Japan is amazing! I was very happy to see Sakura Miku in person! Standing at 1/10th scale she is so well detailed and  just overall a fabulous rendition of this version of Miku! Sweet Sakura Miku, I love her coloring and the flower patterns in her hair! Sakura Miku comes [...] Read More »


Feed me x Good Smile Company

| Good Smile Company

When I had talked to my friend’s about meeting Feed Me, they freaked out! Glad I can now talk about helping make these figures a reality! Follow me on twitter @gsc_mamitan There are some fun projects we get to work on directly here at GSC USA and this was one of them! Bringing you these amazing figures of King Feedy on his throne! A fun fact himself, Feed me himself designed the art on the boxes for both figures!~ First up is the original version of King Feedy on his throne! Our team had so much fun with his sculpt and his design! He was just so much fun to work on! He looks so fantastic and all of the [...] Read More »


The Adventures of Nendoroid Link: Playing Music!

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

With sweet Nendoroid Link finally shipping out to fans all over the world, now I want to know what are your Nendoroid Links up to! Send us photos of your Nendoroid Link and we’ll share it on the blog! Don’t forget to follow me at @gsc_mamitan Shopping at a local electronics store Link got away from me for a bit! I couldn’t find him anywhere, that was until I heard someone trying to play the piano from all the way on the other side of the store! Link was trying his hardest to read the sheet music to play on the piano for us all! He has some favorite songs from his games that he wanted to share with us [...] Read More »


Swamp Witch Metallica

| Freeing, Phat Company, Scaled Figure

Halloween may already be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at some sexy witches! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan  From Nippon Ichi’s latest game “The Witch and the Hundred Knight” we have the main character Metallica. I had fallen in love with this figure and her sculpt the moment I laid my eyes upon her, so finally getting to see her finished product has been a delight! She holds up her Hundred Knight by the leg, even he is so skillfully represented here in PVC form before us! Her base as well has some great detail to it, the intricacies of the final product and sculpt really do make this figure shine!! Metallica hides behind her large [...] Read More »


Phat Company 1/8 Tsukushi Tsutsukakushi

| Phat Company, Scaled Figure

Have you seen Henneko? I love this series! Follow me at @gsc_mamitan Known as the Steel King, she’s the strong over protective older sister of Tsukiko! But doesn’t mean she’s not also a cutie in her own way! Everything about this figure looks so great and has been faithfully recreated from the original artwork. Her smirk is something I love! That small coy smile is just so cute! Of course you can’t forget that body of hers! But it is funny to me how sweaters fit in anime, I can say from personal experience that jackets don’t normally fit large chested girls like this, I wanna know where she shops so I can get a boob jacket too! tehe! Tsukushi comes [...] Read More »


Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver. Contest! THE WINNER

| Good Smile Company, Mamitan blog, Nendoroid

So our Halloween Miku Nendoroid contest is over! Thank you to everyone who participated! We loved everyone’s submissions! As we mentioned the winner would be chosen at random so without further ado here is our winner! From twitter it’s @ageha_62 I think this submission is perfect! Her note really is truly what this contest is all about. About expressing our deep love for Miku and what she means to all of us. Of course it was chosen at random so congrats! We’ll be reaching out via twitter to inform our winner, make sure to head on over and congratulate her! Now here are some of the other submissions that we really liked! Thanks to everyone who participated!   Thanks again to [...] Read More »


Sandmaster Racing Miku 2014 in ACTION!

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

I am obsessed with Racing Miku! Her ever changing design, how she is able to convey fan’s passion for the racing in all of her artwork and how she herself lately is getting into the game! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan  Sandmaster Miku is an RC car that COMES with Miku in the drivers seat! She’s not a full Nendoroid, but a Nendoroid Plus! So she’s the same size as a Nendoroid but only her top half is included and she’s secured in the car so she can drive to her heart’s content! But to really show off how cool she is, take a look at this video! You can see Miku doing donuts, taking some crazy tight turns and [...] Read More »


Saber: Pajama ver.

| Scaled Figure, Wing

This figure came out earlier this year but you can find her at various partner shops online! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan Saber is one of the characters that translates so well into figure form! There are so many variations it’s sometimes impossible to avoid getting at least one Saber figure into your own collection! Here we have from Fate/Zero Saber in her pajamas! She looks so sweet and innocent, it’s a bit different from the character we see in the animation but it’s nice to see their other sides that they don’t always show us. She looks as if she were able to get ready to sleep when she was summoned out of bed! hovering over her magic circle [...] Read More »

Link (2)

The Adventures of Nendoroid Link: Hearts and Dragons!!

| Good Smile Company, Nendoroid

Little adorable Nendoroid Link has gone on a couple of adventures! His last before this was going to NYCC being on display for everyone! Follow me on Twitter for more fun Good Smile antics! @gsc_mamitan  Nendoroid Link loves the outdoors! So we spent sometime outside just enjoying the sun and the weather! It’s finally cooling down here which is been very nice! But then Link got distracted and ran away to get a few hearts!~ But it’s a good thing he did otherwise he wouldn’t be prepared for what came next! Oh no! It’s a dragon! But it doesn’t look like Link is exactly prepared to defeat this mighty dragon! Whatever will he do!? But in the end, it’s alright, [...] Read More »


Throwback Thursday Max Factory Bridget

| Max Factory, Scaled Figure

It’s Throwback Thursday! Showing off older figures is fun! Follow me on Twitter @gsc_mamitan   Today I’m showing off a way older figure from my own personal collection! It’s Max Factory’s Bridget from Guilty Gear! He (yes totally not a type) came out in April of 2008! that’s more than 6 years ago!   For those not familiar with the character, Bridget is everyone’s favorite trap! He’s an adorable cross dressing boy from the popular game Guilty Gear!   When I got this figure years ago one of the things I loved the most was how they included a panty shot angle, but still gave him black shorts, just for the little hint of modesty! Look at him trying to [...] Read More »